Saturday, 2 November 1985

Nuclear Detonators Protective Case (prop)

From the Season 3 Episode entitled "Kingdom Come" in which hawke and santini attempt to track down a case of stolen nuclear detonators.

We know people have made helmets, flight suits, cyclic's, even replica Airwolf water containers.

Back to the future fans often have a plutonium case, but how many Airwolf fans have one of these?

Anyone ever made one of these?, does anyone know where the original is today?

Your Thoughts?

I have managed to Identify this cases purpose . It's gotta he most Ironic thing i have ever seen, what it is.. It is a "Prop Case" mull it over for a moment.. that case which is a prop.. is a prop case.


Rugged Construction Utilizing High Impact Polyethylene.
Tongue-and-groove, interlocking aluminium frame.
Spring Loaded Handles On Either End.
Twist Cam Activated Latches Wing Nut Latches.
Innovative Locking Device Keeps Propeller Secure

 Check Them Out Here  (NOT THE SAME EXACT MODEL) but until i see anything even remotely similar including the latches then i am going to list this Prop as a "Prop Case"

Whats confirmed in the "design"  is shown on the ones that are for sale, nothing has yet to match this.

A member of the airwolf community  Teresa Houck said  "It looks like a CBRN kit case. Though I'm not sure they had those back then."

This could be plausible though i have yet to find one even remotely close to it (made pre 1990's)  But the Hazmat concept could ring true for a cbrn case being shown in (condemned, a season 2 episode) while showing Hawke and Caitlin wearing hazmat suits.

I pondered more on this concept and even figured maybe the twisters where to seal in a contaminated suit.. but who ever did the sealing would have contaminated the case, or maybe the suits sealed in clean as to not contaminate the work & the case is sprayed germ free. But i think it would have "Hinges" on the back and a rubber seal. I defo think is a boats prop case at the moment.

Tuesday, 1 October 1985

Airwolf Sticker Album (1985) Argentina

This is an Airwolf sticker album from Argentina

Front Cover
Page 0 (Inside Cover)
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page ??
Back Cover

IMAGES Above FROM: Carlos Ivan Pasonscky

IMAGES Below FROM: Random sale sites

Saturday, 16 March 1985

Coroner: Stuntman On Cocaine

Taken From March 16, 1985 United Press International.
LOS ANGELES — The stuntman who died in a helicopter crash during the filming of the CBS television series Airwolf had snorted cocaine shortly before the fatal accident, the coroner`s office said Friday.
Stuntman Reid Rondell, 22, was killed and the pilot of the helicopter, Scott Maher, 36, suffered serious injuries in the Jan. 18 crash near Newhall, Calif., about 25 miles north of Los Angeles.
Bill Gold, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Coroner`s Office, said an autospy determined that Rondell died of massive burns suffered in the fiery crash.

Toxicological tests were taken, and the results indicated the presence of cocaine, Gold said.
Investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board and the California state division of Occupation Safety and Health were unaware of the toxicological results before being notified by UPI.
Alan Crawford, an investigator for the NTSB, said he would include the coroner`s information in his still unwritten report on the crash but doubted it contributed to the cause.

N805V - Wreckage

Crawford said there was no evidence the pilot had taken drugs before the accident.
Pulled from the wreckage by witnesses, Maher suffered facial cuts, a broken right ankle, a broken left clavicle and a spine injury.

Rondell was a stunt double for actor Jan-Michael Vincent on Airwolf & on the Hooper movie.

Odd Info: Tom Cruise was one of the pallbearers at rondells funeral 

Story Source HERE
ALSO  a list of Movies and stuff he did Stunts in Here

Friday, 15 February 1985

Airwolf 1 (Amstrad)

Airwolf for the Amstrad, another fine Disaster

Although the graphics are more varied than the ZX Spectrum version frankly this game is horrific. This blog post shows some box arts, screen shots and an excellent (though rated 18+) review of the game and is as candid as one can honestly be.
WARNING.. this game reviewer is very agitated and swears a lot.. I gotta say folks it was worth them making this awful game.. just for this man to make a review.. this video is 18+

I guess he said it best.. all of it..

Full Level Map

See loads more Box arts for this specific game in the Airwolf Gaming Universe photo album on facebook here.