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Airwolf Complete Season 2 (1984-1985) UK DVD 2007

(c) Universal Studios

Back of Box:
Get ready to take off for action and adventure as all 22 one-hour episodes of Airwolf: Season Two soar onto a spectacular six-disc DVD set for the first time. Cruise the skies once again with Airwolf, the cutting-edge, high-tech surveillance and defence helicopter of the future, and Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent), Its reclusive renegade pilot, as they take on dangerous secret missions from Afghanistan to the jungles of Central America. From drug runners to dambreakers to demented businessmen, there's no one who can hide from the Airwolf teams high-tech gadgetry and fighting power. Co-starring Ernest Borgnine and Alex Cord, this suspenseful and daring Emmy -nominated series from TV producer Donald P. Bellisario (Magnum P.I, Quantum Leap) is sure to be a thrill ride fans won't want to end!

Special Features:
Chapter Points / Animated Menu

I liked the second season, although it lacked the whole "cold war" aspect which was sad, it became more of a domestic problem solver, most of which was based in the U.S.  Series two does however bring a few classic episodes back into our hands such as "Moffetts Ghost", "Sweet Britches", "HX-1", "and "Severance Pay"  yes i liked that episode, it kinda brought us into the firm and where the people in white got all their Intel.  I also liked Inn at the End of the Road...
(that was the one with the "Lokie" device and doc gifford flying airwolf)
I always though they only brought him in to kinda slap J.M.V into touch... that whole "listen buddy.. your replaceable.. so get it together" But that's just my thoughts on that scenario and not an official thing.

Episode List:
Episode #   Prod #    Air Date    Titles
_________  _______   __________   ________________________
13   2-01   58801     22/Sep/84   Sweet Britches 
14   2-02   58803     29/Sep/84   Firestorm 
15   2-03   58805     06/Oct/84   Moffett's Ghost 
16   2-04   58802     13/Oct/84   The Truth About Holly 
17   2-05   58810     20/Oct/84   The Hunted 
18   2-06   58811     27/Oct/84   Sins of the Past 
19   2-07   58804     03/Nov/84   Fallen Angel (a.k.a. Angel Of Mercy) 
20   2-08   58807     10/Nov/84   HX 1 
21   2-09   58816     17/Nov/84   Flight #093 Is Missing 
22   2-10   58819     24/Nov/84   Once a Hero (a.k.a. Heroes) 
23   2-11   58813     08/Dec/84   Random Target 
24   2-12   58818     05/Jan/85   Condemned 
25   2-13   58817     12/Jan/85   The American Dream 
26   2-14   58823     26/Jan/85   Inn at the End of the Road 
27   2-15   58824     02/Feb/85   Santini's Millions 
28   2-16   58825     09/Feb/85   Prisoner of Yesterday 
29   2-17   58830     23/Feb/85   Natural Born 
30   2-18   58827     02/Mar/85   Out of the Sky 
31   2-19   58832     16/Mar/85   Dambreakers 
32   2-20   58806     23/Mar/85   Severance Pay 
33   2-21   58829     06/Apr/85   Eruption 
34   2-22   58831     13/Apr/85   Short Walk to Freedom 

Card Box 3 Slim Cases
Card Box 3 Slim Cases

All 6 Discs Ber The Same ArtWork

DVD Main Menu
Disc ONE Also Features The Universal Playback Trailer
Discs TWO to SIX Just Feature Play All & Episode Selection

Episode Selection:
Episode Selection Screen

Random Note:
Such a shame the companies don't bother with any extras or truly high-tech menus that the likes of these dvd creation programs can export. This set doesn't even have chapter selection, only episode choice.  All 6 Discs feature the same 52 second animation while irrelevant numbers scroll across the screen. The Music playing is just the airwolf opening theme music. The animated menu on all 6 discs is the same clips.

Warning Before Buying:
There is two different variations of this region 2 release (so be careful before you buy)
I found the season 2 i purchased, the box its self, the "whole" box front is glossy
where as my season 1 & 3 are a mat finish and ONLY the 3 character images & airwolf are glossy
This variation between Mat finish and Glossy finish also means the AIRWOLF down the box spine is the Wrong Way Around...  Making it look really stupid on your shelf...
See both images below...

Airwolf Name Back To Front Right Way Up
Airwolf Name Right Way Up Age Logo Oops

Other Details:
DVD Release Date: 12/MARCH/2007
Aspect Ratio: 4.3 Full Screen 1.33:1
Audio: 2.0 Mono 
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 1105 Mins Approx
Region Code: Region 2, 4, 5 PAL DVD
DVD Count: (6) Six Discs
UPC: 5050582471533

Review by TheWraith517

Monday, 1 January 2007

The Airwolf Adult Gag Book (2007)

Front Cover

The Airwolf Adult Gag Book.

Consists of a collection of parody based Comic Strips
created by TheWraith517 back in 2007..

This e-book was released for FREE to the fans on the Airwolf dot org community. It's had many more new pages made since.

Here is a list of the albums, you can access most of them on the R18+ Facebook page.

Please Remember These Are Rated 18+
And Contain Bad Language, And Also References To Sex & Drugs. Must be logged in to view as Page is set to 18+

I Said Roaming Around On Set (2 pages)
Where Have You Been All Night (1 page)
The Couch From Hell (1 page)
String & The Stash (2 pages)
You Lost Another Airwolf (1 page)
A War Mam Are You Sure? (16 pages)
Doms Sweet Chilli (1 page)
Under Siege Snatch (4 pages)
Decaffeinated At 50.000 Feet (5 pages)
So What Was He Really Like (1 page)
Butter Elbows Broke The Button (7 pages)
An Eye For An Agent (1 page)
The Night He Met The Talking Eagle (15 pages)
Were You Recently Involved In An Accident (4 pages)
That Hawke Got Me Busted Down Again (1 page)
No Reboot Moaning Memes (ever expanding)
No Season 4 Hate Memes (ever expanding)
Well You Brought The Wrong Cheese (1 page)
Loads more links to add, for now click show all albums Here

Back Cover