Airwolf Official Games

Airwolf 1 (Atari) UK / USA

Airwolf 1 (Amstrad) UK / USA

Airwolf 1 (Spectrum) UK / USA

Airwolf 1 (CBM 64) UK / USA

Airwolf 1 (BBC Micro) UK / USA

Airwolf 2 (Amstrad) UK / USA
Airwolf 2 (Spectrum) UK / USA
Airwolf 2 (CBM 64) UK / USA
Airwolf 2 (BBC Micro) UK / USA

Airwolf (NES) UK UPC: 021481103035
Airwolf (NES) USA UPC: 910067910067
Airwolf (NES) Japan

Airwolf (Sega MegaDrive)
Airwolf (Sega Genesis) 

Airwolf Coin-Op Arcade Game (Kyugo) UK / USA

Airwolf Trading Card Game Set (1986) Argentina
Airwolf Board Game (198?) Argentina
Airwolf Jigsaw Puzzle 5334.20 - 200 Pieces (    ) 5010995334207
Airwolf Jigsaw Puzzle 5334.21 - 200 Pieces (    ) 5010995334214

The Airwolf Gaming Universe on facebook has stacks of photo albums from random airwolf games, it is a Game Specific Group. Also be sure to check out the Airwolf Merchandise Guide as that covers lots of the games too.

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