Friday, 14 December 1984

Airwolf Trading Cards - Cromy Set - Argentina (1986)

Airwolf Trading Cards:

Transparent Plastic Case
32 Playing cards (6 x 9.5 cm)
2 Wildcards
1 Regulation
1 Cover Letter
1 Sticker

Made By: Hasbro Bradley Inc
Released By: Cromy
Release Date: 1986

Not much has ever been known (Or Shared) about these, they pop up on eBay from time to time, someone buys them and they just vanish back into a box never to be seen again.

We'll tell you now.... You have more chance of smaller spanish seller websites having these than you do finding them on ebay, and there a lot cheaper too  ;)

The Complete Set
We've not translated all of this but there clearly not as in-depth as your normal kinda TopTrumps game cards, but they do clearly hold what was once a lot of rare photos.. The language appears to be a mix of Spanish and Turkish when trying to use translators. The cards originate from Argentina.

These cards refer to what looks like two optional games that the cards can be used for.

Game Ideas
Game Ideas

Misc Card Example

Misc Card Example
Misc Card Example

Misc Card Example
Misc Card Example

 I think the whole highlight of the set is this one card with a truly rare photo from Vasquez Rocks A.K.A Redstar Control

Saturday, 4 February 1984

Blooper - 1x04 - Bite Of The Jackal

Written By: Nicholas Corea
Directed By: Alan J. Levi 

For this episode i am going to challenge a long posed question of just "who downed dom's helicopter"

That opening scene planting the bomb always makes me laugh because when it cuts to the hand reaching into the tool box, to take out the bomb, you could clearly tell that was either Ernest or Ernests stunt double (wearing an airwolf flight suit) You can actually see the "airwolf arm patch" for a moment too.

That is not JMV, the body mass is way off during the whole leaning into the box shot.
(could have been jmv If this had been in season 3)

That Is Ernest Borgnine
 Also, by the looks of the Lighting perspective, this tool box moment appears to of been filmed indoors rather than outside, i mean that is jetcopters hanger floor right ?.

I have often wondered why they used this hanger because if Dom wasn't at the helicopter then one would assume Dom was in the hanger, same hanger the guy comes out of. Also this hanger he slips out of has the lights on inside?

Maybe he considered "i will hide in the hanger until they go home" now that's plausible, but to turn on the lights and leave them on, why did dom not have a gripe at anyone for leaving that door unlocked? or about the lights left on?. who the hell was in such a hurry last night to leave my lights on and the side door open?. Dom never asked because dom was inside all along as we later see.

What we know about the hanger, size, dimensions and the noise a metal door makes, i could never buy that scene as it was with the lights on, the colour of the hanger door (so for the patch to raise its wolfy head) made it's continuity much worse.

The scene had far more time spent on the "Lighting of it" rather than the "continuity of it" He could of and should of just been hiding around a corner. Over directing the drama (using the SA hanger) then showing them both inside was a bad move and sadly makes it more obvious on the remaster.

BUT!!!   The Lighting Is Great!
Clock & Lighting Has The Time As Proof To Being Inside at PM
This Further Proves It Is PM
As does this next shot

It's Night Time
Santini did it, he gave it to the guy?

Dom is wearing what looks to be a second, spare Airwolf flight suite "yet to be finished?" he's got a big scarf on to hide the top of it?, clock the Zip? and the Colour? It's colour really shines through in the remaster.You can probably rest assured more were made (season 1 style) because second units out with stunt doubles & what not would demand more than one for EB and one for JMV, let alone doubles right? The guy with the cigar is wearing a lighter grey too, and i also often wondered why he fully opened the nose and pinned it back rather than just reach in.

What Other Bloopers Do You Remember From This Episode ?
"besides the usual guns are out and in moments"

Airwolf Season 1 - Episode 4 - Bite Of The Jackal

Sunday, 22 January 1984

The Secure Line Scrambler Phone Case (prop)

It's first seen when Archangel is at the cabin waiting for hawke to return. It also initially has a thin wire on the handset.

It is used in a few episodes at random times, most memorable is probably at camp freedom.

Airwolf has a similar panel as one of its communication systems and lights up the same way.

I often wonder how many they had and what actually happened to them. Did they float back into the universal props department or did it / they belong to someone on the production.

I also wonder if it was re-used in another Tv series or Movie.

It sure looks heavy lol

Scene from the end of the Pilot (scene not featured in the movie cut)
Scene from the Pilot (scene also shown in the movie release) See the Wire?
And archangel leaves it in the cabin at the end of the Pilot

Scene from the end of the Pilot (scene not featured in the movie cut)
(from) Flight like a dove
Onboard Airwolf (from) Flight like a dove
Onboard Airwolf (from) Flight like a dove
Onboard Airwolf (from) Mad over miami
In the case (from) Mad over miami

To be updated with other shots....
Anyone have one or made one?

Blooper - 1x02 - Shadow of the Hawke - Movie - Palace Trees

In the palace courtyard 3 trees have a band around them, all three are marked ready to be cut in half by the chain gun fire but only one tree falls

You Can See The Marks On The Trees
One of them pops and the other two fail
This guy bravely carried on knowing it could blow
This was a brave guy too

Blooper - 1x02 - Shadow of the Hawke - Movie - Film Crew

When all hell break loose and "The crew just hang around in the background" like every thing's fine. But clock that guys big thick coat. So much for "why do you have your helmet on in this heat"  cant be that hot.

Blooper - 1x02 - Shadow of the Hawke - Movie - Airwolf Guns

During the scene when hawke steals airwolf back you notice airwolf has the original Chain Guns design before they made them fatter.

Blooper - 1x02 - Shadow of the Hawke - Movie - Airwolf Tethered

In the movie and the pilot edits you can see airwolf has a tether cable to stop the down draft and drift caused by the buildings from pushing her out of frame.

Below are a number of images (if you can't see it in the first two, then look at the third image)

HD Video Still - Shadow of the Hawke Part 2
Standard Video Still - Airwolf The Movie
Here Its Been Marked So You Can See It Better and Find It On The Other Two Images Above

Blooper - 1x02 - Shadow of the Hawke - Movie - Airwolf Squibs

When the bullets hit airwolf (in the compound when hawke steals airwolf) you can see the Squibs
you might also notice she's got the upgraded fatter guns here too.

Standard Shot
Squibs Highlighted

Airwolf Season 1 - Episode 1+2 - Shadow of the Hawke 1 & 2

Airwolf the Two Part pilot AKA
Shadow of the Hawke part 1 & 2

Premièred on the CBS Network on the
22nd of January 1984 right after the live super bowl game.

That super bowl game also hosted the most controversial Apple advert ever shown on Tv.

Jan Michael Vincent
Ernest Borgnine
David Hemmings
Alex Cord
Deborah Pratt

Airwolf is a modern day action adventure about an awesome billion dollar futuristic helicopter equipped with a twin-turbine driven rotor system capable of propelling it to 300 knots, plus 14 firepower options. When the helicopter is stolen by it's main designer, Michael Archangel (Alex Cord), project director of the F.I.R.M, enlists the help of Vietnam veteran Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent) With hawke's lack of trust in the agency he chooses to get help with the mission from his father's best friend Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine)  They both travel to the Middle East in an attempt to repossess the deadliest aerial weapon ever made.. Airwolf.

Title Screen
Pilot Opening Scene
Airwolf at Redstar Control
You can also get an R18 Movie release that lacks some scenes yet features others. The movie also has some variances in the music score.

Misc Artwork:

Unofficial Album Featuring Mixes of End Credits & Season Introductions