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Airwolf Complete Season 4 (1987) Region 2 IMPORT DVD 2010

Region 2 IMPORT Box Front

Airwolf Season 4
As of yet there had still been NO UK Release.. so for people in the UK, this WAS their only option for a "Region 2" Release. (as of up till  MAY 2014) The R2 set is NOW available in UK)
You can watch these in English with no pesky subtitles by following these simple steps.. With this release here you have to click on the Netherlands, let the disc load to the main menu and then click on the word that says ondertiteling  that will turn off the subtitles so the disc will now play in English. but you will have to do this on every disc.
As we had been waiting since 2010 for a UK Release, you could well assume it was NOT coming. I bought mine in APRIL 2014  (because i got sick of waiting)  It came with NO extras...

The USA Region 1 Release is Here


People are always asking about "how to get season 4" and this is why the blog post was published (originally incomplete) to save people being ripped off by the eBay snipers who are trying to convince the fans that Airwolf season 4 is RARE!!!   no its not rare.. Its not more expensive than the other 3 seasons neither...
It's just a little confusing... and thats the reason we put OUR time into this blog...
To save YOU FANS from being Ripped Off...

We Are None Bias:
We don't link to "Specific Sellers"  or web sites.. Unless they are the ONLY resource to get the item.
We Give you the  UPC and the ASIN  for that specific product.. Hell we don't even link to google or amazon search engines.  We keep this Blog Honest and True, it is a Dedication to the show and the works produced from the inspiration of this show. All we have is our free time, that we share with you.
Trust in what we say... Because we are in it for The Show's Longevity.. We are NOT here to fleece the fans..

Main Menu:

It does feature an Animated DVD Menu that features the season 4 cast and JMV
although note that its the same animation on ALL 6 Discs

Main DVD Menu Is Animated (Netherlands Menu)
Main DVD Menu Is Animated (French Menu)

Episode Selection:

You can choose Play All or Episode Selection
and although their are chapter points within the eiposdes
their is no chapter selection screens (only episode selection)

Episode Selection But NO Chapters Menu

The Box "Type" for this  ASIN  release is a plastic box with the 6 dvd's in
If you wanted the S1,2,3 Matching Box Type (more blue than purple)
You would need to buy the Region 1 USA NTSC release (WE THINK)
Until someone gives us information to the contrary, to our knowledge the Blue Cover is the USA R1 Release

Six Disks In An Awful Box
The back of the box is also foreign language.

Back Of The DVD Box

Episode List:
 Episode #   Prod #    Air Date   Titles
_____ _____ ________  ___________ ________________________
57   4-01    0906     23/Jan/87   Blackjack 
58   4-02    0901     30/Jan/87   Escape 
59   4-03    0904     06/Feb/87   A Town for Hire 
60   4-04    0903     13/Feb/87   Salvage 
61   4-05    0905     20/Feb/87   Windows 
62   4-06    0907     27/Feb/87   A Piece of Cake 
63   4-07    0902     06/Mar/87   Deathtrain 
64   4-08    0910     13/Mar/87   Code of Silence 
65   4-09    0911     20/Mar/87   Stavograd (The Stavograd Incident) (pt1) 
66   4-10    0909     27/Mar/87   Stavograd (The Stavograd Incident) (pt2) 
67   4-11    0908     03/Apr/87   Mime Troupe 
68   4-12    0912     10/Apr/87   X-Virus 
69   4-13    0914     24/Apr/87   Rogue Warrior 
70   4-14    0915     01/May/87   Ground Zero 
71   4-15    0913     08/May/87   Flowers of the Mountain 
72   4-16    0916     15/May/87   The Key 
73   4-17    0917     22/May/87   On the Double 
74   4-18    0918     29/May/87   Storm Warning 
75   4-19    0919     03/Jul/87   The Golden One 
76   4-20    0921     10/Jul/87   The Puppet Master 
77   4-21    0923     17/Jul/87   Malduke 
78   4-22    0920     24/Jul/87   Poppy Chain 
79   4-23    0922     31/Jul/87   Flying Home 
80   4-24    0924     07/Aug/87   Welcome to Paradise 

Apparently Season 4 was only made so that the entire "Series" spanned 80 Episodes, This way the show could get syndicated on Cable and Satellite TV.  Seams a poor excuse to create 24 episodes with None of the original cast OR the actual flying helicopter. (besides J.M.V shown a few times in the first episode and the original moch up of the helicopter with the on-board computers) The rest of the show all relied on a new cast and stock footage for the aerial fights.

Other Details:

DVD Release Date: 12/8/2010
Aspect Ratio: 4.3 Full Screen 1.33:1
Language: English
Subtitles: Dutch
Audio: 2.0 Mono
Running Time: 1105 Mins Approx
Region Code: Region 2 PAL DVD
DVD Count: (6) Six Discs
UPC: 5050582786033

USA Region 1 UPC:  025192083402

Review by TheWraith517