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DreamWolf AWM Music Score (2005) (CD) (MP3)

The 2005 Unofficial OFP Game Score Cd Cover

Title: DreamWolf (Expanded Score)
Content Type: Double CD / Triple CD
Release Dates: 2005 / 2012
Age Rating: Exempt
Runtime: ??mins
Tracks: 44 / 100
Media Type: CDx2 / CDx3

DISC ID: ??????

(c) TheWraith517 (2005/20??)

A guy in Poland was working on an Unofficial Airwolf Game and was looking for some Intro/Outro music, but he wanted something different...  Infact their was already a stack of Airwolf Music out their..  Problem was the majority of it was either to original to be "new" or just to crazy and mixed up to be usable.

Then he heard TheWraith517 playing an unmistakable piece of airwolf music in such a unique way, the name wraith gave this cover version style was coined DreamWolf and went on to span a massive amount of demo tracks and random takes on music from the show (all 4 seasons where given a DreamWolf aspect)  Some fans loved it, others hated it with a passion... That's the thing with Airwolf Fans.. they either love it or they hate it....

Wraith lent a Yamaha PSR-450 from a friend who was also meant to work along side wraith on the game score, he bailed after doing some bass line work on a few tracks and failed to return until he was due to pick up his keyboard... Unamused at that treatment Wraith handed back the keyboard & went out and bought a "Yamaha EZ-250i" for its USB capability, he also bought a "Yamaha DJX II" and a random Casio..

We have a few small quote's from an interview with TheWraith517 that we will post
I set to work on the tracks in a simple way.. Improvisation, Giving the tracks true emotion in places which defined its tempo and style, playing moments of the show that you never saw, like String marrying Gabriel, every improvised track touched on a moment we never saw and never will...  When my mate ditched me and then assumed i had pulled it all off on my own in 2 days and took the keyboard back just made me more determined to get back into music, i hadn't played that much in years.. and his input on it was souly traditional tracks (theirs enough of them out their already) so i thought fk him i will carry on alone, i did ask for his keyboard again before i went and bought 3, only to be told he'd sold it and not even gave me a second thought, just like the music, that was until i was ready to release and he wanted his name on the front cover. NO Ones name went on the front cover.. this scores not about CREDIT, nor was it about cash Un-Quote

All the tracks were given away after the games official release and are still available to download today (for free)  Wraith also came back to the DreamWolf style in 2009 and again later in 2012 when he decided to start doing Movie & Trailer Music based  for youtube video makers and released a few more free airwolf style tracks, including a random mixture of vocals (as though String & Dom had reunited for a new mission along side some season 4 cast) cleverly manipulated audio from a number of sources, not just from Airwolf...

Many may remember TheWraith for his Airwolf video edit's on YouTube, such as Airwolf vs KnightRider, FireFox, TopGun and many others (most banned now by NBC Universal)

The AWM Re-Visited 2012.. featured 29 More tracks for the fans
This time around Wraith used a number of VST (Virtual Instruments) on a PC, making his keyboard sound more like £4000 than the £70 keyboard he actually used.  From Native Instruments FM7 (a virtual yamaha dx7) to the Korg Legacy Cell, a little Cobalt & Vita also thrown in. Rumor has it hes since done more tracks (2013) using Reason 5 and special Reason Refil files, but not many have been publicly uploaded onto the Reverbnation Page     Fingers crossed more go up their soon....

We asked Wraith how RMZ came onboard with this score
Quote  I originally heard RMZ playing guitar over Gabriel's Theme (a cover by Airwolf Sweden) Remi worked with AirSwe before me. After hearing how he did that theme i just had to try to get hold of him and send him a more unusual Airwolf track to work with... this track became known as
               DreamWolf - 00 - Finding The Eagle Dead Reprise (soul)
And it hit the fans like a brick when they heard it... I knew remi could pull it off & he did. It took him about 9 minuets to send it back with the guitar added and it just blew me away, he did a few others for me to. I look forward to working with him again sometime soon i hope, hes a great guitarist...Un-Quote
Will you ever work with your friend mark again on music?
Quote..  NO.. Never Ever Again.. I wont even work with him on video unless he reads exactly what it is ive written. A lot of his concepts come from things he's heard, that's all well and good for cover versions and things, but a poor memory is a (c) Infringement waiting to happen... These days i work on my own projects, some of which are for sale, i can't afford (c) problems with things i have placed a price tag on... and my creative imagination no longer fuels projects or people that have zero imagination of their own neither, life's to short to keep on handing others things on a plate with very little thanks, if any. These days i push forward with my music and a Tv series i am currently making  Un-Quote
Will we see any more combat edits on YouTube?
Quote..  No, not after all the NBC bans ive had, lost to many great comments on deleted videos to see peoples time wasted along with my own.. Un-Quote

Is the Tv series your working on for Visual or for Music?
Quote.. Its a bit of everything on this project, Im writing, doing a few of the voices, doing all the filming, editing & composing, Im also working on most of the sound effects my self to so the vast majority of the project is mine.. Their will be many to credit for their OFP work though for addons & scripting used in the show... Essentially this series is mine, im open to suggestion on the show and more so from fans as it unfolds.. But theirs no bully's on this project, it runs at my pace and its done my way and done by me, so no one to blame but me when things fail.  A few previous projects have failed miserably due to outright stupidity and outrageous behavior, but what i make i keep, no third party editing on this project, so continuity should also be perfect.  Un-Quote

Any Airwolf Similarities In Your Show?
Quote..Well we all have a lil bit of Hawke in us.. well most of us do... My character is based on a former "helicopter medevac pilot" turned bio chemist, a bug & germ guy of sorts who's the new guy in a lab stuck with the dirty job the new guy gets of cleaning the cold storage. Their he spots something that was said to of been burnt years ago lingering below zero... Digging deeper he learns of a government conspiracy, a crazy attempt to reduce the worlds population by 27%
The plan to commence when a vaccine has been perfected..
But you know what they say about the best laid plans....
Listed a traitor & blamed for the release of the virus the world changes fast...
but im not going to give to much away just yet, besides this is interviews all about Airwolf :D  Un-Quote

What are you future plans regarding Airwolf?

Quote.. well i still have the audio story i was working on and the interactive dvd rom, ive just not touched them in a while because fans never really got behind it or helped contribute to it, a few did, but the majority in that circle just take and say nothing at all. It's always been that way sadly, and the amount of stuff i released never changed a thing. As ive always said.. Airwolf is seen as an asset by many and the more rare that asset the more its worth, me making stuff just made it popular again and brought a crowd out the woodwork that were worse than woodworm's. I will sort you out some dvd rom pictures for your blog and some info on the audio story..  Un-Quote
 Would you ever consider finishing the cd/dvd rom?

Quote..  Maybe, the main problem with the cd rom concept was fan permission and official permission, too many eBay snipers don't want you having anything unless you bought it from them. That means after all the work that went into it, someone would just keep reporting the download links. and after all Airwolf is (c) Universal, so its easy to debunk a project.  Un-Quote

What About The Audio Story?
Quote..   That hit a wall right at the beginning how so? well.. people pretty much new my editing capability with older projects ide done, so i threw down the question.. if.. i was to make an audio story.. whose up for it? interesting idea yeah i thought so to  and  well, a few people said they would be up for doing voices on it, so i spent about 20 mins laying down a rough idea and threw it out their and didn't really get much of a response & a series like that needed a cast (preferably people with accents from around the whole world to make for bad guys, diplomats and verity in cast and in the input of how things are done in the countries portrayed in the show) All this could of then been re-used from the audio story, how so?, to create an actual visual series using the ofp game. Really sad the fans never got with it i know but theirs nothing anyone can do about that. Well i want to thank you for your work and for giving us the interview, good luck with the series and keep us up to date. I will and thanks for checking out my work..  Our pleasure.... will send you more artwork for the post when i find were i put it.. thanks Un-Quote

Demo CD Covers & Other Art:

Original Demo Cover
Second Demo Cover

Inside The Cover Featured The Keyboards
This Was The Front Cover For Included Music "used"  Tracks INC GUi

AWM Score Poster

Wraith released some "work in progress artwork"
for a THREE DISC SET featuring new and old tracks
and some of the artwork so far is pretty stunning....

Front Cover VOL 1 (Spread Version) Fold At The Middle
Fold Out Inlay For Disk 01 (Reverse side of the front)

VOL 01 CD Label, Stretch To Suit Disk Type
VOL 01 Under CD (for transparent cd trays)


Front Cover VOL 2 (Spread Version) Fold At The Middle
Fold Out Inlay For Disk 02 (Reverse side of the front) PENDING

VOL 02 CD Label, Stretch To Suit Disk Type
VOL 02 Under CD (for transparent cd trays

Front Cover VOL 3 (Spread Version) Fold At The Middle
 Fold Out Inlay For Disk 03 (Reverse side of the front) PENDING

VOL 03 CD Label, Stretch To Suit Disk Type
VOL 03 Under CD (for transparent cd trays)

We all hope he does more new tracks & finishes these old box art pics some time soon....
rumor has it the vol 2 fold out is about the modders & vol 3 fold out about the music equipment used.
We will update this post when we get any of the other artwork, so check back sometime ;)

Wraiths Music Blog

Official Facebook Page

AWM Facebook Page

AWM Facebook Group

Wraiths Series Blog

 The 2005 Track List (its longer now) but here's the
Expanded Score Track List for the 2 CD set

DreamWolf - 00 - Upon Reflection 01
DreamWolf - 00 - Upon Reflection 02
DreamWolf - 00 - Eagles Serenade (Traditional)
DreamWolf - 00 - Just Jammin Finger Warmer 1 (MFC)
DreamWolf - 00 - Just Jammin Finger Warmer 2 (MFC)
DreamWolf - 00 - S4 Crap (Bad)
DreamWolf - 00 - Restar Elivator (Bizzar)
DreamWolf - 00 - Dream State (Weird)

DreamWolf - 01 - The Wedding (Apreggio)
DreamWolf - 02 - The After Speech Dance (Jazz)
DreamWolf - 03 - Hawkes 1st Bourn (Apreggio)
DreamWolf - 04 - The Club Were They Met (Dance)
DreamWolf - 05 - The 1st Dance (Dance)
DreamWolf - 06 - The Twilight Chillout Hours (Chillout)
DreamWolf - 07 - The Honey Moon Is Over (Traditional)
DreamWolf - 08 - Heading Back To Work (Traditional)
DreamWolf - 09 - Back In The Line Of Fire (Ooops)
DreamWolf - 10 - Action Ending You've just Won (Arcade)
DreamWolf - 10a - Action Ending You've just Won (Arcade)
DreamWolf - 11 - Finding The Eagle Dead (Gothic)
DreamWolf - 12 - The Eagles Dead (DreamState)
DreamWolf - 13 - Santinis Stars Stripes (Odd)
DreamWolf - 14 - Moon Shadow (Soul-Gospel)
DreamWolf - 15 - One Way Express (DreamState)
DreamWolf - 16 - Poljushko Polje (DreamStateRussia)
DreamWolf - 17 - Money For Nish (Bad)
DreamWolf - 18 - My Koto Reprise (Dance)
DreamWolf - 19 - Prisoner of Yesterday (Xmas)
DreamWolf - 20 - The American Dream (Xmas)
DreamWolf - 21 - The American Dream (XmasRock)
DreamWolf - 22 - The Hunted (Traditional)
DreamWolf - 23 - The Hunted (Xmas Orchestral)
DreamWolf - 24 - The American Dream (Traditional)
DreamWolf - 25 - Gabreillas Love Song (Bizzar)
DreamWolf - 26 - Season 4 Love Theme (ChillOut)
DreamWolf - 27a - An Improvisation (StringySynth)
DreamWolf - 27b - An Improvisation (StringySynthTwangyGuitar)
DreamWolf - 28a - An Improvisation(StringySynth)
DreamWolf - 28b - An Improvisation(StringySynthTwangyGuitar)
DreamWolf - 29 - The Valley Express
DreamWolf - 30 - Wearing Regrets On The Inside (Orchestral)
DreamWolf - 31 - The Eagle Had Been Poisoned (DarkWolf)
DreamWolf - 32 - I Guess It's Kinda Like Airwolf... Season 4..
DreamWolf - 33 - I Guess It's Kinda Like Airwolf... Season Erm..

The Score Reaches Number ONE In The Reverb Nation Chart 2013

Is This One Legit?


Track List & Downloads

NOTE:  The Video Playlist Contains More Tracks Than The Reverbnation Link)
(and are higher quality as reverb has an 8MB file limit)
Reverb tracks average 192kbs,  YT uploads average 320kbs

The Show Must Go On

For those thinking these are just poorly played imitations, one should also ber in mind TheWraith517 has done actual Re-Creations of Movie & Tv Show Music in exact detail as you can hear on this youtube playlist, so one shouldn't assume TheWraith517 didn't intend these tracks to be the way they are, because he clearly did intend for the tracks to be different. We have hopes that one day he will do some more Airwolf stuff.

Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Logos From When Phones Where Just Phones

6 Airwolf Electronic JigSaw Puzzles (PC) 2005

Airwolf JigSaw 01
 Does anyone remember these SIX fantastic free little games?

Each game was one exe file, you run it and get shown the preview image, then you try and build the jigsaw. The game saves your progress with a registry key so you don't have to restart when you open it.

To reset you can use the re-set option, or move the exe file to another location/folder.

All SIX Puzzels have been compiled into 1 download pack here
(be sure to download the actual file, don't click the adverts...)

And here are screen shots from the other 5...

Airwolf JigSaw 02
Airwolf JigSaw 03
Airwolf JigSaw 04
Airwolf JigSaw 05
Airwolf JigSaw 06

Friday, 14 October 2005

Mind of the Machine now Classified by BBFC as a PG

A classic season 1 episode "Mind of the Machine" featuring David Carradine staring as Dr Robert Winchester has finally been certified by the BBFC (on the 14th of october 2005) and now has a PG age rating.

This was a great episode and showed a little more of the back plot introducing winchester as someone who worked with moffet on the airwolf design team.

I would assume it has suffered over the years due to the scene were dr winchester gets shot and is laying on the floor while archangel is talking to hawke.

Tell Hawke To Fly Cold
It's also the episode were they have the airwolf simulator

Arn't You Curios To See Who Is Best - Airwolf Versus Airwolf, Full On Dog Fight
This episode was full of little goodies such as seeing dom remove the panel on the E.D.C.C because the weapons wouldn't deploy and the moment were winchester remotly logs into airwolf and begins looking through the computers menu and seeing features including a history of all the times it was engaged in combat.

Finally legal to allow your child to watch this episode..
even though you've got to still sit their with them.. I believe this episode was initially rated a 12.

Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Airwolf Complete Season 1 (1984) USA DVD 2005

Back of Box:
Keep your eyes to the skies for non-stop action as the complete Season One of Airwolf soars onto dvd for the first time ever!

Jan-Michael Vincent stars as Stringfellow Hawke, a reclusive renegade pilot who's assigned to top-secret missions for the CIA by a mysterious "Archangel" (alex Cord) hawke's weapon of choice is the high-tech battle helicopter of the future. Airwolf Loaded with cutting-edge surveillance equipment and unbelievable firepower. Airwolf takes hawke and his friend Dominic (Ernest Borgnine) around the globe in search of dangerous international spies and criminals. Ride along guest starts Lance LeGault, James Whitmore Jr, Shannen Doherty and David Carradine on all 11 episodes, including the thrilling two-hour pilot of this amazing action-adventure series.

Special Features:
Chapter Points / Episode Summary

Universal released Airwolf Season 1 in the USA first, in May 2005, on two region 1 double sided dvd's, both boxed separately in 2 cases, which were held in a cardboard sleeve, it never got released in the UK on region 2 until 2006.  Sadly the disks being double sided means they had no artwork unlike the Region 2 set which had 4 single sided dvd's. Also the usa region 1 set has a static dvd menu, the region 2 menu has a 3d model animation.  To make up for this though, the region 1 usa release dvd's come with Episode Summary screens (as shown further down this post) which detail the episode and also list its Original Air Date.

Episode List:
 Episode #       Prod #        Air Date     Titles
__________ _________  __________ ___________________

01   1-01          58201       22/Jan/84     Shadow of the Hawke (1)
02   1-02          58276       22/Jan/84     Shadow of the Hawke (2)
03   1-03          58208       28/Jan/84     Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n
04   1-04          58205       04/Feb/84    Bite of the Jackal
05   1-05          58207       11/Feb/84    Proof Through the Night
06   1-06          58209       18/Feb/84    One Way Express
07   1-07          58211       03/Mar/84    Echos From the Past
08   1-08          58218       10/Mar/84    Fight Like a Dove
09   1-09          58216       24/Mar/84    Mad Over Miami
10   1-10          58217       31/Mar/84    And They Are Us
11   1-11          58221       07/Apr/84     Mind of the Machine
12   1-12          58210       14/Apr/84    To Snare a Wolf 

USA Release Came With 2 Boxes In A Cardboard Sleeve
Both Inner Boxes Contain Their Own UPC
2 Double Sided DVD's Featuring NO ArtWork

USA Box Sleeve Back Featuring Wrong Pictures

DVD Main Menu (Static Image, No Animation)
DVD Episode Index DVD Menu
DVD Episode Summary Screen
Scene Access DVD Menu
Language & Subtitles DVD Menu

Other Details:

DVD Release Date: 24/MAY/2005
Aspect Ratio: 4.3 Full Screen 1.33:1
Audio: 2.0 Mono 
Running Time: 592 Mins Approx
Region Code: Region 1 USA NTSC DVD
DVD Count: (2) Two Discs
UPC: 025192776229

Cardboard Box Sleeve Has Main UPC
The TWO Individual Boxes Ber Separate UPC Codes

Review by TheWraith517

Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Detonics .45 Combat Master (prop) Hawkes Gun

One of string-fellow hawkes hand guns used in the airwolf tv series was the Detonics .45 Combat Master.

The Detonics Combat Master was the first really small and compact 1911-pattern pistol to be produced in significant numbers.

Law enforcement fell in love with it immediately due to its diminutive size and quality. It received "star quality" when Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice was seen carrying one in a leg holster in the show.

Far more important than the media exposure was the revolutionary reliability work done inside the pistol.

The Detonics introduced the bulged barrel end so that the pistol did not require a bushing.

It also incorporated double and triple recoil springs. It was the first production 1911-pattern which was throated and ramped for hollowpoints.

The original Detonics pistol, a modified and much smaller version of the Colt Model 1911, made its initial appearance in 1977. Billed as the world’s smallest single-action autoloader chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge, the Detonics was an instant hit with law enforcement officers.

Special Thanks To For the Information   
(website no longer online)