Alex Cord = Michael Coldsmith Briggs III (codename) Archangel
Eugene Roche = Senator William Dietz / Eddie Donahough
Deborah Pratt = Marella Bouvier
David Hemmings = Dr. Charles Henry Moffet / Moffett - Airwolf Pilot and Designer
W.K. Stratton = Mark Gordon - Airwolf Engineer
Dean Wein = Charles "chuck" St.Clair - Airwolf Co-Pilot
Tina Chen = Fay
Jan-Michael Vincent = Stringfellow Hawke - Airwolf Test Pilot
Ernest Borgnine = Dominic Santini
Jackson  = Tet - Hawkes (dog) blue tick hound
Belinda Bauer = Gabrielle Ademaur
Helene Phillips = Angela

Lance LeGault = Narrator / D.G Bogard / Sheriff J.J. Bogan / Noble Flowers
Jean Bruce Scott = Caitlin O'Shannessy

1000's More to add at some stage...
first i have to chart as many people as  i can (including background actors / uncredited rolls)
A fine example would be Flight #093 Is Missing.. has more credits than any website EVER HAS  ;)

It's well worth worth checking out the episode guide software here

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