Sunday, 14 October 2018

McDonalds Fast Food Does Airwolf Intro Parody (15 and 30 Second Edits)

McDonalds Creates Two Airwolf Style Teasers, So,
Deploy the ADF pod and standby for the munchies
McDonalds Homestyle Spicy (30 Second Edit)

Here is the LINK in-case embedding gets disabled

McDonalds Homestyle Spicy (15 Second Edit)

Here is the LINK in-case embedding gets disabled

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Airwolf Episode Guide v0.1 Beta

The Airwolf Episode Guide

VERSION: 0.1 BETA (soon)
COMPATABILITY: Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win 8, 8.1 and Windows 10

The "old" airwolf Cd Rom concept started out back in 2004 and had a random release in 2005. That is no longer compatible with newer versions of windows.

So i decided to work on some NEW smaller programs that cover some specific fields of airwolf history.

Known Airdates & Production Code Screen for Each Episode

Airdates, Production Codes, Cast Bio's, Trivia, Bloopers, Behind the Scenes and a host of other little features make up a great looking guide with a stack of information.



Well.. unless you wish to use the Internet Links collection accessed on any screen by simply pressing  L

Biography Screens

Bio screens for actors, actresses, stunt men, pilots, writers.. random crew..

Real names, Actors Guild names, Births, Deaths, Home Towns, Age, Heights.. its a mission...

It's a big undertaking for a project like this & again highly time consuming (its a hobby for a show i love) Not something i'm essentially looking to cash in on.

The licensing for retail would be retarded making its cost ridiculously high.

Tv Ad Clippings

Imagine on an "Episode Screen" you could press the letter  C  and it opens up a box were you can view the tv guides clippings for the actual episode.


Imagine pressing  C  on the episode list to few all clippings from that specific series of episodes.

It's a project no ones taken on simply because theirs no way to make money off it.. Likewise with the merchandise guide, no money to be made off that neither...

The Movie Information Screen

I don't no the future of this project, but i have ideas, some will work, some legally wont work.. 

Imagine on an episode/series "list"  you could press  P  for promo & a screen pops up with all the promo photos from that specific series.. or press P  on an episode screen for promo photos featured from that specific episode.

The behind the scenes aspect "is possible" but its limited to the photos available to me & the community. We have sharks, every time a crew member dies. anyone pops up with photos they disappear and so do the photos.. Seller & Buyers prerogative.. i get it.. but (me & others) have seen people offer photos freely & they've been persuaded to sell & vanish... again sadly there choice..

Well known community members sit on archives of information & photos, hell one fk'd off with a crew members photos and aint been seen since... Less brown nosing and a more open structure community can only help fan projects.

I don't really want to do episode write ups (its mundane) Don't get me wrong its a joy to write a few.. then it clearly becomes a chore (this is something a number of people could contribute, so its not a chore for them or me) But then who delegates who does what to who's offered to do it ?
OR i could just copy and paste the dry often wrong write ups off the net...

Hell.. do you no when it comes to just gathering AirDates & Production codes.... Between the aw themes, wolfs lair & wiki web sites (none of them) have matching production codes or matching air dates...

This is the mess "we all leave behind" for the show... Unless we do something our selves, something were not going to earn from.... but alas.. a few nice electronic kinda encyclopedias like this & the merch guide..... game mods, random graphics and projects... in short just google the word  "community"   

What can we accomplish  TOGETHER    ¯\(º_o)/¯ 

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Airwolf Merchandise Guide v0.2 Beta

The Airwolf Merchandise Guide

VERSION: 0.2 BETA (here
close the website login box, you don't need to register to download the file

COMPATABILITY: Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win 8, 8.1 and Windows 10

The "old" airwolf Cd Rom concept started out back in 2004 and had a random release in 2005. That is no longer compatible with newer versions of windows.

So i decided to work on some NEW smaller programs that cover some specific fields of airwolf history.

Just imagine for a moment an electronic database holding 100's of product numbers, upc codes, amazon codes.. direct links that'll search amazon, eBay or google for a specific product your looking to buy.

Or scan the bar code with a mobile device with a store app of your choosing, even copy and paste that yellow UPC into any online search engine you wish.

We have NO plans to set a value on anything at all because that would be pompous, arrogant and frankly immoral to advise fans of an items worth. They go for what ever the reserve is going to be OR what fans are willing to bid.. NO FAN has a right to state a value to other fans, just the original street price.

The ability to search for products or just leave that search box empty to find anything currently documented.

Information on common problems encountered with the product along with any re-release info, countries of origin and much more.

This project "for it to succeed" is going to involve fans input, it'll clearly need fans input.

When someone on facebook posts a picture "of a product" it maybe worth reading the image description, the user could be looking for a upc code, an isbn or product code from the spine of a dvd, bluray or even a vhs. Photos, Dates & Codes are what this project needs.


Ignoring requests on facebook won't help expand this database.



At this moment in time i am unwilling to really "arrange menu lists"  I have NO exact dates for loads of things, as such its hard to add them to a menu with any form of date order..

Ber in mind this menu list is 10 buttons per menu screen, each button with a link to a product screen, I can't just drag and drop these "menu items" when i get an accurate date for them, i have to Edit them.. So at this moment in time, the menus are limited, the search offers far far more than the menu currently does.

Solution to this ?,  I need scans for the "Airwolf Definitive Merchandise Guide Second Edition"
that was unofficially sold between 2000 and 2003.. for date order refrence...

Until i get that then the "menu navigation" is going to clearly suck... OR my only other Option (not choice) but option, would be to complete the menus with everything out of date order.... So stuff i find from the 80's/90's ending up listed on a menu after DVD's from 2016... Think about how its going to "look"

I have already asked for this from the so called upper echelon, I have also already told the upper echelon why i need it too... There not going to provide it.. In turn this project doesn't have there support... and in turn this is limiting its aesthetics... its ease of navigation... and making it take far far longer to create than this should... This will be far from just a copy of that guide... See the Tech Specs to follow....

So you folks gotta get onboard.. just 5 mins of your time giving info can save hours of someone elses time who's looking for info.. In turn you all need to help each other to make this what it should be.....
Not just helping me (the smuck spending time on it)


I have added as much information (to the search engine capability) as i can gather for a product

Here is an example of what information is used to power the search engines higher capability (that puts it higher than google for airwolf search power) and that's no lie...

Information Source Example

This software concept has potential, but it takes time.. the harder it is to compile the less inclined i am to compile it... The more inspiring this is the more inspired ile probably be to work on the episode guide software,

A lot of this is mundane and very time consuming work....
While clearly the info it needs?   Well the is often just a few feet away from some people who could type it or take a pic..  give it some thought... and enjoy the current beta release...

As you bothered to read this far.. and you've clearly read it by now.... heres a Tip...
you can Skip the disclaimer & the Animation by pressing  M  to just jump to the Main Menu when the app opens   :)

Please like the post on facebook to show your support in this project  :)

To contribute ?
reply below with codes, or hit that facebook post and reply their with codes or even images..
as google dismantle  G+  im unsure of the effects here (im in limbo) so the best bets the facebook post.

Friday, 24 August 2018

The F.B.I Table

This whole GFX render is fake. The table, the carpet, the chairs and all the contents on the table, all faked in photoshop.  Even the silver bits on the chairs are fake.  Every time i make something interesting or find something (airwolf related) i add it to the fake table.
At some stage i might make the photos smaller to cram more detail into it.
IMAGE LAST UPDATED 24th August 2018

1635 x 720
The idea of this is layer upon layer to build up many elements (all of which can still be edited)
In turn, a copy of it could be manipulated to create a spot the difference puzzle.

Its original origins was an A4 x2 (2 page) centre spread within a fan made graphic Airwolf / X-Files crossover comic (original here) and also (sequel here) both links point to facebook photo albums. The table depicts the information F.B.I agent Fox Mulder has gathered thus far on the airwolf project with the help of the lone gunmen.

In February 1987 the F.B.I received a UFO report from a former agent, Lorrie Grant. Due to questions relating to her mental state the report was simply filed and not followed up.  The incident report was later found to match a UFO report from 1984 where a fishing vessel reported the same sound flying over their fishing trawler on the night a U.S Naval destroyer sank. Further reports from residents in polk county texas from September 1984 also referenced an aircraft blowing over a pick-up truck and the same strange howling sounds in the air were heard....   As of NOV 1993.. Airwolf has been an active X-File.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Retro Game Style

Some old school style graphics made from screen shots and modified

Graphics by TheWraith
Graphics by TheWraith
Graphics by TheWraith
Graphics by TheWraith
Graphics by TheWraith