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Airwolf Annual (1986) 
Airwolf Flight Manual (1984)
Airwolf Colouring Book (1984)
Airwolf Super Colouring Book (1984)
Airwolf Activity Book (1984)
Airwolf Sticker Album (1985) Argentina / Spanish text 
Airwolf Pilot CBS Clippings From Tv Guides (1984)
Airwolf Bite Of The Jackal CBS Clipping From Tv Guide (1984)
Airwolf Echoes From The Past CBS Clippings From Tv Guides (1984)
Rub Down Transfers BLUE (1985) Rainbow Toys
Rub Down Transfers RED (1985) Rainbow Toys
Roman Album Special AIirwolf (1987) Japanese and English text
Airwolf Picture Book (????) German text
Bell Helicopter Magazine - Rotorbreeze Vol 52. No. 2 (2003)