Thursday, 24 March 2016

Airwolf The Lady and Cast GFX Render HD

Shall we post the Image Files?

Please Just Say No

Reboots.. Remakes.. Their like Drugs.. Loads in Hollywood and doing them
But here are some memes that just say  NO... and any real fan will have these on standby to swiftly reply to the dumbest question of all time.. EVERY TIME ITS RE-ASKED....

I'm not saying Don't make an Airwolf movie.. im saying Do Not Reboot / Remake It

The Full Strip
Single Meme
Single Meme
Single Meme

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Fortune Teller (gif)

This takes a bit to load (as its 9.39mb)

Dino At The Cabin GFX Evolution

Original Screen Shot
Darken and Moon Added
Added Water In front of Cabin
Added Uninvited Company
Added more life to the Moon
Tweaked the Water
Snow reflects the Moon light and Lightens up the visual
Dark Moody night with just Rain

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Evolution Of GFX

Graphics apps have always been good, but often very complex. With today's phone & tablet apps.. Art today seams a whole lot easier than it used to be..

Which kinda begs the question, why are their so many crap Airwolf Comics out their ?

Anyway, enjoy the evolution of this one image.