Vinyl Records

7inch Single
Supercopter (Music) SFC 3300651711377
Supercopter (Music) CLEVER 3218030087480

7inch EP


Theme From Airwolf (music) CLOCKWORK RECORDS 50-5666
Airwolf - Knight Rider (Music) KING RECORDS 498003032050


Wonder Weapon (music) ZYX RECORDS ZYX 20.095

Cassette Tapes

Airwolf - Duel Over The Pacific (Audio Story is in English)
Airwolf - The Desert Collection (Audio Story is in English)

Airwolf - Knight Rider (Music CD)

Airwolf - 20 Audio Story's  (Audio Story's are in German)

CD Compact Disc

Airwolf - Knight Rider 

Airwolf Themes

Airwolf Themes EP

Airwolf Extended Themes  (Airwolf Themes II)

Wonder Weapon


Airwolf Hits'n'Action


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