Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Airwolf Extended Themes (2CD)

Airwolf Extended Themes is Officially Released On CD Today


A limit is placed on 2 copies per order
(and only 2000 copies have been created)
If anyone remembers the original Airwolf Themes release, it sold out pretty fast and trying to obtain a hard copy was very costly. It's featured in the Guinness Book Of Records for the highest price paid at auction for a tv series soundtrack (and ber in mind this was on a cd, not Vinyl)

Get your hard copy today...

Note that MP3's will be available at a later date, and you can still buy MP3's for the original 1999 Airwolf Themes Double CD re-released in 2007.

Track Listings:

Main Themes CD Disc 01 by Jan Michal Szulew
01 - 'PILOT' – Journey to Red Star [TV] (extended) 4:25
02 - 'PILOT' – Kafir Palace Raid + Red Star Test Run 3:25
03 - Season 1 – Trailer 0:34
04 - Season 1 – Opening / Closing (extended) 4:41
05 - Season 1 – Slow Main Theme 0:58
06 - Airwolf Main Theme – ‘PILOT’, Season 1 – Synth Theme (extended) 6:35
07 - Season 2 – ‘SWEET BRITCHES’ Trailer 0:33
08 - Season 2 – ‘SWEET BRITCHES’ / ‘FIRESTORM’ Intro 0:41
09 - Season 2 – ‘SWEET BRITCHES’ / ‘FIRESTORM’ (extended) 4:11
10 - Season 2 – ‘SWEET BRITCHES’ epilogue 0:33
11 - Season 1 – Closing 0:27
12 - ‘FIRESTORM’ Trailer 0:35
13 - ‘FALLEN ANGEL’ / ‘HX 1’ 5:00
14 - Season 2 – Aerial Theme (extended) 6:05
15 - Season 3 – Opening / Aerial Theme (extended) 4:12
16 - Season 2 + 3 – Generic Closing Theme (extended) 6:00
17 - ‘PILOT’, Season 3 – Journey to Red Star [MOVIE] / ‘EAGLES’ Aerial Theme (extended) 3:40
18 - ‘PILOT’, Season 1 + 2 – Minimalist (extended) 6:10
19 - ‘PILOT’ – Orchestral Suite 5:16
20 - ‘PILOT’ – Closing Theme 0:51
21 - Season 2 + 3 – Generic Closing (regular length) 3:25
22 - Season 1 + 3 – Special JMS Mix

Episodic Themes CD Disc 02 by Mark J. Cairns
01 - ‘AIRWOLF II’ 8:00
02 - 'AND THEY ARE US' 2:47
03 - ‘CONDEMNED’ 2:39
04 - 'CROSSOVER' 5:05
05 - ‘ECHOS FROM THE PAST’ – Cabin Epilogue 2:19
06 - ‘SINS OF THE PAST’ / ‘BITE OF THE JACKAL’ – Family Theme 2:42
07 - ‘HALF-PINT’ – Le Van’s Theme 1:55
08 - ‘HAWKE’S RUN’ 4:35
09 - 'JENNIE’ – Operation Blackstone 1:59
10 - ‘KINGDOM COME’ 5:16
12 - ‘NATURAL BORN’ – Kevin’s Theme + Aerials 4:36
13 - ‘PILOT’ [TV] – Blaze Theme 1:47
14 - ‘PILOT’ / ‘BITE OF THE JACKAL’ – Eagle’s Cello Theme + Synth Theme 2:32
15 - ‘PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT’ – incl. Song of the Revolution “Poljuško Polje” 4:12
17 - ‘SEVERANCE PAY’ 3:32
18 - ‘THE HORN OF PLENTY’ 3:24
19 - ‘SANTINI’S MILLIONS’ / ‘HAWKE’S RUN’ – Trust Theme 3:00

Official Teasers:

All Videos Are Hosted On The Official Youtube Channel

M.J.C Blog

 Disks Arrived Today... wooo hooo :D
Wrapped well, looks like a nice quality box they used to, kinda like the Eric Clapton greatest hits cd case, only this one looks much more sturdy. Has the album name not only down both spines, but also along the top and bottom edges, so it can be read in any form of cd rack, holder or carry case ;)
(came with an added bonus to... that was very unexpected and a nice surprise)
I will unbox it and get bk to this review when i am more awake, dam that post man lol

Ok Just checked out the inlay booklet, 24 pages of oooo yes please :D
Some pictures ive never seen before, and some alternate photos that are close to ones i have seen, yet not the same. Lot of information in the book. At this stage in the review i only have 1 disappointment so far really.. and that is both cd's ber the same artwork on the back of the disc, i would of expected Mark to be on a disk its self maybe on the left, and jan on his disk on the right with maybe half an airwolf on each..
 ya no so when you place both the disks together they make up one pic with jan and mark standing either side of the lady, but hey...  other than that after thought its lookin well.. lets go listen to it i guess...

will update this post soon as i get some free time...
and then some more once ive heard it..


CD 1 Track 22 - Airwolf S1+S3 Special JMS Mix...
That bass at 3.23 to 3.28 F*CK ME AND WOW!!!
It's String Fellow Hawke right before he hits that deadly button,
the bass is so dark and brooding, just like jmv's character
It's that glint in his eye, that whole... will he.. wont he.. he wants to.. but should he.. fk it.. dom gimi a hell fire..
Jan nailed that glint with that little bass moment.. Take a bow...
(that's not my fav track, its just the first track i played)

As for mr Mark J. Cairns, well the original themes was always 50/50 for me
(I found many a little to cheep synthy feeling on the original release)

But Airwolf Extended Themes CD Two is truly a credit to the guy

forgive me i need to go listen to "MIND OF THE MACHINE" AGAIN!!
the end made me wana cry... and for a composer.. well that's actually a good thing...
so i simply must replay it.... again and again and again and.. dam where was i, o yeah
KINGDOM COME.. you can just hear him say "i think i can take him"  lmfao
another dam fine track & a credit to him for sure

Both guys have done a great job on this score,
frankly... it urinates all over Airwolf Themes 1
and it laughs in the jiz covered face of the BlunderWeapon album

IF.. any of you are having second thoughts about getting it, in relation to the 1999 Airwolf Themes 1....
All i can say is don't let that album put you off...
(i no some folks didn't like the first album & a fair few in that respect are looking forward to jans stuff more than marks)
But I gotta say folks..... Mark J. Cairns work on this album...
well its EPIC AS HELL i am seriously blown away... BIG TIME!!!
This walks all over the original release, it napalms it lol

I leave you with their Original little funky promo

Review by TheWraith517