Monday, 1 January 2007

The Airwolf Adult Gag Book (2007)

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The Airwolf Adult Gag Book.

Consists of a collection of parody based Comic Strips
created by TheWraith517 back in 2007..

This e-book was released for FREE to the fans on the Airwolf dot org community. It's had many more new pages made since.

Here is a list of the albums, you can access most of them on the R18+ Facebook page.

Please Remember These Are Rated 18+
And Contain Bad Language, And Also References To Sex & Drugs. Must be logged in to view as Page is set to 18+

I Said Roaming Around On Set (2 pages)
Where Have You Been All Night (1 page)
The Couch From Hell (1 page)
String & The Stash (2 pages)
You Lost Another Airwolf (1 page)
A War Mam Are You Sure? (16 pages)
Doms Sweet Chilli (1 page)
Under Siege Snatch (4 pages)
Decaffeinated At 50.000 Feet (5 pages)
So What Was He Really Like (1 page)
Butter Elbows Broke The Button (7 pages)
An Eye For An Agent (1 page)
The Night He Met The Talking Eagle (15 pages)
Were You Recently Involved In An Accident (4 pages)
That Hawke Got Me Busted Down Again (1 page)
No Reboot Moaning Memes (ever expanding)
No Season 4 Hate Memes (ever expanding)
Well You Brought The Wrong Cheese (1 page)
Loads more links to add, for now click show all albums Here

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