Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Airwolf Complete Season 1 (1984) USA DVD 2005

Back of Box:
Keep your eyes to the skies for non-stop action as the complete Season One of Airwolf soars onto dvd for the first time ever!

Jan-Michael Vincent stars as Stringfellow Hawke, a reclusive renegade pilot who's assigned to top-secret missions for the CIA by a mysterious "Archangel" (alex Cord) hawke's weapon of choice is the high-tech battle helicopter of the future. Airwolf Loaded with cutting-edge surveillance equipment and unbelievable firepower. Airwolf takes hawke and his friend Dominic (Ernest Borgnine) around the globe in search of dangerous international spies and criminals. Ride along guest starts Lance LeGault, James Whitmore Jr, Shannen Doherty and David Carradine on all 11 episodes, including the thrilling two-hour pilot of this amazing action-adventure series.

Special Features:
Chapter Points / Episode Summary

Universal released Airwolf Season 1 in the USA first, in May 2005, on two region 1 double sided dvd's, both boxed separately in 2 cases, which were held in a cardboard sleeve, it never got released in the UK on region 2 until 2006.  Sadly the disks being double sided means they had no artwork unlike the Region 2 set which had 4 single sided dvd's. Also the usa region 1 set has a static dvd menu, the region 2 menu has a 3d model animation.  To make up for this though, the region 1 usa release dvd's come with Episode Summary screens (as shown further down this post) which detail the episode and also list its Original Air Date.

Episode List:
 Episode #       Prod #        Air Date     Titles
__________ _________  __________ ___________________

01   1-01          58201       22/Jan/84     Shadow of the Hawke (1)
02   1-02          58276       22/Jan/84     Shadow of the Hawke (2)
03   1-03          58208       28/Jan/84     Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n
04   1-04          58205       04/Feb/84    Bite of the Jackal
05   1-05          58207       11/Feb/84    Proof Through the Night
06   1-06          58209       18/Feb/84    One Way Express
07   1-07          58211       03/Mar/84    Echos From the Past
08   1-08          58218       10/Mar/84    Fight Like a Dove
09   1-09          58216       24/Mar/84    Mad Over Miami
10   1-10          58217       31/Mar/84    And They Are Us
11   1-11          58221       07/Apr/84     Mind of the Machine
12   1-12          58210       14/Apr/84    To Snare a Wolf 

USA Release Came With 2 Boxes In A Cardboard Sleeve
Both Inner Boxes Contain Their Own UPC
2 Double Sided DVD's Featuring NO ArtWork

USA Box Sleeve Back Featuring Wrong Pictures

DVD Main Menu (Static Image, No Animation)
DVD Episode Index DVD Menu
DVD Episode Summary Screen
Scene Access DVD Menu
Language & Subtitles DVD Menu

Other Details:

DVD Release Date: 24/MAY/2005
Aspect Ratio: 4.3 Full Screen 1.33:1
Audio: 2.0 Mono 
Running Time: 592 Mins Approx
Region Code: Region 1 USA NTSC DVD
DVD Count: (2) Two Discs
UPC: 025192776229

Cardboard Box Sleeve Has Main UPC
The TWO Individual Boxes Ber Separate UPC Codes

Review by TheWraith517

Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Detonics .45 Combat Master (prop) Hawkes Gun

One of string-fellow hawkes hand guns used in the airwolf tv series was the Detonics .45 Combat Master.

The Detonics Combat Master was the first really small and compact 1911-pattern pistol to be produced in significant numbers.

Law enforcement fell in love with it immediately due to its diminutive size and quality. It received "star quality" when Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice was seen carrying one in a leg holster in the show.

Far more important than the media exposure was the revolutionary reliability work done inside the pistol.

The Detonics introduced the bulged barrel end so that the pistol did not require a bushing.

It also incorporated double and triple recoil springs. It was the first production 1911-pattern which was throated and ramped for hollowpoints.

The original Detonics pistol, a modified and much smaller version of the Colt Model 1911, made its initial appearance in 1977. Billed as the world’s smallest single-action autoloader chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge, the Detonics was an instant hit with law enforcement officers.

Special Thanks To http://www.modelguns.co.uk For the Information   
(website no longer online)