Friday, 14 December 1984

Airwolf Trading Cards - Cromy Set - Argentina (1986)

Airwolf Trading Cards:

Transparent Plastic Case
32 Playing cards (6 x 9.5 cm)
2 Wildcards
1 Regulation
1 Cover Letter
1 Sticker

Made By: Hasbro Bradley Inc
Released By: Cromy
Release Date: 1986

Not much has ever been known (Or Shared) about these, they pop up on eBay from time to time, someone buys them and they just vanish back into a box never to be seen again.

We'll tell you now.... You have more chance of smaller spanish seller websites having these than you do finding them on ebay, and there a lot cheaper too  ;)

The Complete Set
We've not translated all of this but there clearly not as in-depth as your normal kinda TopTrumps game cards, but they do clearly hold what was once a lot of rare photos.. The language appears to be a mix of Spanish and Turkish when trying to use translators. The cards originate from Argentina.

These cards refer to what looks like two optional games that the cards can be used for.

Game Ideas
Game Ideas

Misc Card Example

Misc Card Example
Misc Card Example

Misc Card Example
Misc Card Example

 I think the whole highlight of the set is this one card with a truly rare photo from Vasquez Rocks A.K.A Redstar Control