Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Airwolf Pilot CBS Clippings From Tv Guides (1984)

Airwolf In Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Information Taken From the Airwolf For Vice City FaceBook Group

This Group Is ONLY for Airwolf On GTA-VC
That's "Grand Theft Auto Vice City"
(Not San Andreas, Not GTA4 or any other GTA)

ALL Other GTA Games are NOT Compatible with the files contained here in or the Information Relating to the files neither.
SO.. Unless your an actual modder looking for GTA Airwolf Related Models then this material should only be used by "gamers of vice city"

Modders can contribute within the FB group if they wish, remember the GTA Airwolf Design Team was an Open mod for fans to explore, BUT it must be Airwolf/GTA-VC related (not just airwolf OR gta) must be "Airwolf GTA-VC"  your own imagination should know what will expand on Airwolf based game play and what wont....

They provide Manual Install Downloads
They provide VCM Install Downloads
(VCM is Vice City Mod Manager)
that vcm program is NOT  the same as GTA Mod Installer
you have been warned... so don't confuse the two...

Airwolf Game Based GUi
The Valley Dominates The Map From Above
An   Airwolf   To Fly Around In

GTA-VC Files Are HERE https://www.facebook.com/groups/AirwolfGTAVC/files/
Note that ANY of these files on the FB page could be replaced over time, which means if you comment on a file & its replaced the comment will be lost.... What we recommend is if you have Ideas about a SPECIFIC addon that you post that idea on the "Album Comments" (not the photo its self OR the file) but the actual Photo Album Comments Below the album.

If your looking for help or locations for "any other Airwolf Related Game" or Airwolf Related Mod/Addon for any other type of Game 

then please visit the "Airwolf Gaming Universe" Group Here...

Check out their photo albums to find the game your after information on & then read the photo album description & album comments for links & info on them specific games, mods and addons.

(c) Info
None of this stuff really belongs to anyone individual and ALL care has been taken to Include read me files & gathering the Right information from each designer & each team involved on this project from around the web.

Installing GTA Mods Doesn't make you a GTA Modder (this is something you'll find out fast If/When you sign up on a GTA site just to ask a stupid question that "you" could of just asked google search) And this is the ONLY reason this groups been made (its an Airwolf mod & GTA Modders have to view this group as a way of keeping STUPID traffic & Topics away from GTA Forums :)

Big Information Resource Here

If you cant even navigate your own PC then don't post questions their.. you will only annoy people who are not prepared to walk you by the hand into your C Drive LMFAO

If your Looking for GTA San Andreas Airwolf Mods Check Here

If your Looking for GTA 4 Airwolf Mods Check Here

Airwolf on Vice City OR San Andreas iPad Version?? 
mmm keep an eye on the Airwolf GTA Blogspot  ;)