Airwolf The Complete Season 1-3  (UK Region B)  (Fabulous Films)
Airwolf The Complete Season 1-4  (USA Region A) (Mill Creek)

Airwolf The Movie (UK Region B) (Fabulous Films)

Airwolf The Movie (US Region A) (Mill Creek) N/A NOT RELEASED FOR REGION A

Airwolf The Complete Season 1-4 (GE Region B) (Koch Media Germany)

Airwolf The Complete Season 1-3  (JP Region A)  (???????????)

Comparison Shots:

I haven't cropped them to preserve export quality, the none HD just export with no bars.

Standard Universal Playback DVD - 603KB

Region Help?

REGION B = Play on European BluRay Players and are in PAL
PAL = Frame rate, 25fps a second
SIGNAL = Can be RF Arial, 21 Pin Scart Lead, or HDMI

REGION A = Play On USA BluRay Players and are in NTSC
NTSC = Frame rate 29fps a second
SIGNAL = Can be 21 Pin Scart Lead or HDMI (NO RF Cable Capability)

Most BluRay Players can be unlocked using a code (normally found on dvd/bluray unlocking sites)  never pay for a code, their are sites that list them all for free.  Most require you to use the remote control, so unless you have one, then you are generally stuck in most cases unless you buy a special remote or original replacement..

Just remember, even if you have a UK player (that's unlocked) and you wish to play Region A Disc's...   NTSC will not transmit through an RF Arial, you MUST use a 21 Pin Scart Lead or HDMI cable to view ntsc content.  Most Online stores do NOT refund when YOU buy the wrong region...

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