Saturday, 29 July 2017

Mind of the machine deleted scene (GagStrip)

Mind Of The Machine Deleted Scene (1of1)
Mind Of The Machine Deleted Scene Reprise (1of1)

Airwolf Japanese Phone Card (1985) Is really a prepaid rail card ?

This was said to be a mid 1980s Japan made Airwolf Promo Phonecard and Postcard Set.

Issued in 1985 to promote Airwolf`s airing on Japanese TV.

You got the card itself with a picture of Stringfellow Hawk A.K.A Jan Michael Vincent on the front.

The card is placed in a two fold Airwolf postcard.

We have been informed that this is fake merchandise and is really a Rail Card that the user can add their own picture to it. Orange cards 500 are magnetic pre-paid cards that can be used by Japan Railways companies. Special thanks to Shingo Takeda for the updated information.

Monday, 24 July 2017

X-Files Airwolf Crossover Original Concept Set In 1993

the X-Files Airwolf crossover concept. These are apparently the only story board images for an unofficial crossover that has never been made. Its a prequel of sorts, essentially their first investigation into a mysterious aircraft that could harbour alien technology in its design and its on-board computers. Keep your eyes to the skies for "The Lady's X-File Revisited"

Page Number ???
Page Number ???
Page Number ???

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