We all know Airwolf was plagued in the editing room in relation to continuity over the guns are out, back in, out again, call for "weapons to combat mode" only to see them come out, be told their out then chop to a scene were they are not. This is the most common blooper aspect and is seen in every episode, so we wont be addressing that particular blooper because its more common than a cold.

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Airwolf Season / Series One 1 (1984)

1x01 - Shadow Of The Hawke part 01
1x02 - Shadow Of The Hawke part 02
1x03 - Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n
1x04 - Bite Of The Jackal
1x05 - Proof Through The Night
1x06 - One Way Express
1x07 - Echoes From The Past
1x08 - Fight Like A Dove
1x09 - Mad Over Miami
1x10 - And They Are Us
1x11 - Mind Of The Machine
1x12 - To Snare A Wolf

Airwolf Season / Series Two 2 (1984-1985)

2x01 - Sweet Britches
2x02 - Firestorm
2x03 - Moffetts Ghost
2x04 - The Truth About Holly
2x05 - The Hunted
2x06 - Sins of the Past
2x07 - Fallen Angel
2x08 - HX-1
2x09 - Flight #093 Is Missing
2x10 - Once A Hero
2x11 - Random Target
2x12 - Condemned
2x13 - The American Dream
2x14 - Inn At the End of the Road
2x15 - Santini´s Millions
2x16 - Prisoner of Yesterday
2x17 - Natural Born
2x18 - Out of the Sky
2x19 - Dambreakers
2x20 - Severance Pay
2x21 - Eruption
2x22 - Short Walk to Freedom

Airwolf Season / Series Three 3 (1985-1986)

3x01 - The Horn of Plenty
3x02 - Airwolf II
3x03 - And A Child Shall Lead
3x04 - Fortune Teller
3x05 - Crossover
3x06 - Kingdom Come
3x07 - Eagles
3x08 - Annie Oakley
3x09 - Jennie
3x10 - The Deadly Circle
3x11 - Where Have All the Children Gone?
3x12 - Half-Pint
3x13 - Wildfire
3x14 - Discovery
3x15 - Day of Jeopardy
3x16 - Little Wolf
3x17 - Desperate Monday
3x18 - Hawke's Run
3x19 - Break In at Santa Paula
3x20 - The Girl Who Fell From the Sky
3x21 - Tracks
3x22 - Birds of Paradise

Airwolf Season / Series Four 4 (1987)

4x01 - Blackjack
4x02 - Escape
4x03 - A Town For Hire
4x04 - Salvage
4x05 - Windows
4x06 - A Piece of Cake
4x07 - Deathtrain
4x08 - Code of Silence
4x09 - Stavograd (part 01)
4x10 - Stavograd (part 02)
4x11 - Mime Troupe
4x12 - X-Virus
4x13 - Rogue Warrior
4x14 - Ground Zero
4x15 - Flowers of the Mountain
4x16 - The Key
4x17 - On the Double
4x18 - Storm Warning
4x19 - The Golden One
4x20 - The Puppet Master
4x21 - Malduke
4x22 - Poppy Chain
4x23 - Flying Home
4x24 - Welcome to Paradise

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