Thursday, 8 December 2016

Airwolf Logo Screen Saver v1.0

This Screen Saver Is Available In A Few DeskTop Sizes
(will work on others, but may have boarders)
Ideally you run an SCR full screen so all the screen is refreshing,
having a wide-screen animation with static black boarders isn't healthy for your display.


Airwolf Logo Screen Saver 800x600 (9.53mb)
Airwolf Logo Screen Saver 1024x768 (13.2mb)
Airwolf Logo Screen Saver 1280x720 (14.6mb)
Airwolf Logo Screen Saver 1366x768 (16.1mb)
Airwolf Logo Screen Saver 1920x1080 (24.3mb)

This has no sound, so ticking it is irrelevant, you will notice however that Enable Multi-monitor support is greyed out, don't worry that is not a shareware or license only feature. The reason it is greyed out is the system i took the screen shot on doesn't support mixed displays. If yours does then this screen saver will show up on all connected displays, if you tick the box to enable it on your system.

To access this box you just "Right Click" on the SCR file and select "Config" Or select it under screen savers tab on Display Properties (once the SCR is installed in the system32 dir)

To Install This SCR so it can be selected within the windows desktop properties, "Right Click" on the SCR and select "Install"


Screen Saver Was Seen In Airwolf Season 2, Episode 3, Moffett's Ghost, 26.11 Minuets into it.

Airwolf Season 2, Episode 3, Moffets Ghost

Q) Want Other Specific Sizes?
A) Comment below, bob may consider it..

Q) How Do I Know What Size I Need For My System?
A) See The Help Under The Listed For SGA Screen Savers Here

Q) Why RAR Files?  why not ZIP?
A) Most web servers get infected at some stage, that then is passed onto files upon the server
SCR files ar very easy to infect so i used WinRAR because It Locks the archive
(its NOT password-ed)  Its just locked so it can't be modified or altered... safer for you..

Q) How do I Un-Install It?
A) Look in the System32 Folder & Delete The File That Looks Exact As This One

Screen Saver Icon

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Thanks to "TheWraith517" for making this SCR so we could share it with you.

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