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Airwolf, 1/64 scale ERTL 3 Piece Toy Set Die-Cast Model (198?)

We sadly lack a release date for this product and we're also unable to attach any rotor blade codes or tail codes to a country of manufacture.

Each toy contains a code which can be seen through the packaging, in this set, it is often under the tip of the main rotors. Sometimes maybe under the tail.

The code defines the date the toy was manufactured and the single letter defines which plant.

The problem we face however is this, we have codes from unboxed toys and we have box images with no codes for the toys inside. In turn this has complicated adding box arts to release screens, because boxes are actually different at times.

Some are made in  "British Crown Colony of Hong Kong" and a similar set were marked on the back as "Made in China"

We need to no what codes are tied to what country so we can add the right country's box arts.

For the 3 piece sets we have three positive code matches. we can confirm 0135W, 0385W and 0775W all belong to the 3 piece sets. We know this because the SA 206B wasn't sold separately.

I assume there are more codes related to this set and ide like to tie off this section with the help of more codes and what country release they are from.

These codes i'm looking for won't just help us date each release, they also help us understand how many production runs this set got and on what dates.


1/64: = 0135W (unknown country Its a 206B santini air heli from a 3 piece set) 1985
1/64: = 0385W (unknown country Its a 206B santini air heli from a 3 piece set) 1985
1/64: = 0775W (unknown country Its a 206B santini air heli from a 3 piece set) 1985
1/64: = 0785W (unknown country Its APPARENTLY an airwolf heli from a 3 piece set) 1985

With those 3x  206B codes we know the plant ran off at-least 3 manufacture runs

We have managed to identify a 3 full piece set (though we lack a box code from the box base)

1/64: = 0435W (1985 3 piece set hong kong) Jeep
1/64: = 0775W (1985 3 piece set hong kong) 206B
1/64: = 0785W (1985 3 piece set hong kong) Airwolf

the jeep could be from a different set, we have no idea as the set had been opened 

If you have an OPEN set, we could also do with more JEEP codes (we assume its under the roof or the base)  but to provide us with Santini Air Helicopter and Airwolf Helicopter codes all's you need to is tilt the box & look under the tail boom or the main rotor for 3 numbers & a letter.

We need the codes & the country off the back of the box to make our guide more search friendly, so "loose toys" can be identified by date and maybe offer a visual of the packaging you never got with it.

Here are the two box backs, i assume the colour difference is only due to the lighting of the image and i assume both releases looked the same (besides the manufacturing country noted on the back)


Hong Kong
So what makes me so sure we are missing information ?

Well its like this...

1/64 Airwolf (3 Piece Set) Product Code 1230
1/64 Airwolf (single blister card) Product Code 1231

Notice the three piece set has an Earlier product number? and yet the only 3 piece manufacture date codes we've managed to obtain are from 1985.  We have records of a lot of 1/64 airwolf single toys on a blister card that have codes spanning from 1984 to 1991. So just were are the 1984  3 piece sets?

We have loads of pictures for the 3 piece sets and no idea whats what, i certainly can't and wont attach china or hong kong box artwork to the wrong codes just so the screens look nice as thats sharing round bogus information  ;)

I did ask someone who flaunted 2 boxed sets and a loose set, unfortunately he totally blanked my comments on his post while casually replying to everyone else, so i blocked the ignorant f..   This appears to happen a lot, im unsure if im just generally hated or if every time i ask in public someone messages them to spread a lil BS.. for what ever the reason though this project & the software is becoming a real fkn drag... and its holding back the blog posts.... because theirs NO DATE to file stuff under.. APP just needs a prod code or upc, the blog ideally needs a date right? a time line..

REMEMBER You don't need to open anything to provide us with these codes & our guide is FREE... so lets try and make it a great COMMUNITY project.... and a fantastic free resource!

Sadly this blog link might change once we confirm an initial  release date, as that post date change will then alter this pages current time line blog link. Again this is why the Blog is way behind the app right now. This post should NOT be sitting in the January 2019 section of the blog, it should be back down in 84 or 85 somewhere.

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