Sunday, 22 January 1984

Airwolf Season 1 - Episode 1+2 - Shadow of the Hawke 1 & 2

Airwolf the Two Part pilot AKA
Shadow of the Hawke part 1 & 2

Premiered on the CBS Network on the
22nd of January 1984 right after the live super bowl game.

That super bowl game also hosted the most controversial Apple advert ever shown on Tv.

Jan Michael Vincent
Ernest Borgnine
David Hemmings
Alex Cord
Deborah Pratt

Airwolf is a modern day action adventure about an awesome billion dollar futuristic helicopter equipped with a twin-turbine driven rotor system capable of propelling it to 300 knots, plus 14 firepower options. When the helicopter is stolen by it's main designer, Michael Archangel (Alex Cord), project director of the F.I.R.M, enlists the help of Vietnam veteran Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent) With hawke's lack of trust in the agency he chooses to get help with the mission from his father's best friend Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine)  They both travel to the Middle East in an attempt to repossess the deadliest aerial weapon ever made.. Airwolf.

Title Screen
Pilot Opening Scene
Airwolf at Redstar Control
You can also get an R18 Movie release that lacks some scenes yet features others. The movie also has some variances in the music score.

Misc Artwork:

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