Saturday, 23 September 2017

Airwolf Haynes Manual Project (Wraith Edition)

Book Front

A few people over the years have create fan made Airwolf  based Haynes Manual book fronts, none to this date are this crisp in quality or even this detailed. I have yet to see a full cover over 300kb with any print worthy aspect ratios anywhere on-line.

This is a fan based project and is A4 in size, the page file type is  PDF.

Most haynes manuals have black and white pages, only the books cover is normally colour. This whole manual is in colour.

This manual is a work in progress (a lot of work) If fans wish to get involved with it, the main stipulation is A4 high resolution images and consultation.

You can join in the talks about this manual and its pages over on facebook for this HERE.
It's best to keep the discussion within one place to make things easier to keep on track.

Some Page Examples Below and The Back Cover.. Be sure to join the group, the number of folks interested may inspire..

A.M.O.I.S Page 001 (colour)
S.M.C.S Page 001 (colour)
OPTIONAL HARDWARE - Detonics .45 Combat Master Page 001 (Colour)
OPTIONAL HARDWARE - FIM-43 Redeye Launcher Page 001 (Colour)
Back Cover

See the facebook photo group for updates and extras   Here

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