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Airwolf Season 2 - Episode 9 - Flight #093 Is Missing

PCODE: #58816

Caitlins off to a family wedding back in her home town when her flight takes an unexpected twist. The airliner she's on gets hijacked for ransom, and its hidden where no one will ever find it. With a storm coming, air sea rescue are limited so string and dom use airwolf to find the plane. They never expected to find it on the bottom of the ocean, and as the pressure crushes the airframe, while time is running out, the water.. is seeping in.

  • The Airport security guard at the metal detector once played a high profile criminal / Inmate in John Carpenters  original Assault on Precinct 13  from 1976. That 1976 film also starred Charles Cyphers  who played Joe Ganns  in HX 1.
Darwin Joston ... Airport Security Officer (uncredited)
  • When caitlin finds her seat and sits down, in the two seats behind her is an uncredited actor with a cowboy hat on and directly behind caitlin is an uncredited acress. The actress is actually Deborah Richter  who is un-named, however she played Lynn  in season 3's Birds of Paradise. The actor next to her is yet to be identified.
Deborah Richter ... Female Passenger (uncredited)
  • The airline pilot in this episode is uncredited, but the part was actualy played by Louie Elias, who had a few other credited roles in the series. In the original movie that the film stock is from it was flown by Jack Lemmon.
Louie Elias ... Andrews Air Flight #093 Pilot (uncredited)
  • The airline co-pilot is also uncredited in this episode, but the part was actualy played by Jeff Cadiente, who also had a few other credited & uncredited roles in the series.
Jeff Cadiente ... Andrews Flight 093 Co-Pilot (uncredited)
  • The radio operator / engineer of the airliner is also not credited and has yet to be identified.
UnKnown ... Andrews Flight 093 Radio Operator (uncredited)
  • The actor Angus Duncan, control tower supervisor is credited as "Marks"  but hawke calls him tony when he thanks him for letting them in on the tape recording. As such the guide now takes marks  as a surname and credits him as Tony Marks.
Angus Duncan ... Tony Marks / Control Tower Supervisor
  • The lead hijacker is un-named and uncredited, but i can tell you it is actually Gary Epper, The very same same actor / stuntman who gave Airwolf clearance to leave the defence area at red star control in Shadow of the Hawke. He also doubles in this episode for Hergos, as he runs to the boats wheel house and dives in while Airwolf is hovering with Hawke firing his hand gun out the window.
Gary Epper ... Lead Hijacker (uncredited)
  • Guess who managed to spot the woman from Season 2 Episode 8 - HX 1? (the woman that found hawke beside the dirt road and gave him a lift to the phone box) She is uncredited for this episode but she is sitting next to the un-named and uncredited injured man.
Rachel Brady ... Female Passenger (uncredited)
  • Guess who managed to spot the un-named and uuncredited  Frank Pesce as the Injured passenger from when he also played Brad Miller  in The Deadly Circle.
Frank Pesce .. Injured Male Passenger (uncredited)

Q:) What production was the airplane stock footage actually taken from ?

A:) The footage is from a 1977 film called Airport '77  that was based on the novel by Arthur Hailey. The actual "Stevens Corporation"  logo on the side of the plane references the fictional company owner of the airline "Philip Stevens"  who was played by James Stewart  in the movie.

Q:) What type of plane was it ?

A:) The plane used was Boeing 747-123  owned at the time by American Airlines. It's FAA Registration number was N9667  and it's construction number was C/N: 20106/79. The planes delivery date was the 8th of October 1970  and it's first flight was on the 24th of September 1970. The planes ATC call sign varied between American 1 Heavy, American 2 Heavy and American 3 Heavy.

Video Still From Airport '77

To give an idea of its power, a Boeing 747-123 is what carried a nasa space shuttle  on its back, a Boeing 747-123 could carry 495 people seated.


Q:) Were is the plane now ?

A:) The planes final registration of N157UA was cancelled on the 3rd of January 2000, it was essentially scrapped after 26 years of service.

Q:) Does the original 1977 movie that this footage is from have the same plot outline as the airwolf episode ?

A:) No, the film is based on the theft of an art collection stored in the planes cargo hold. The passengers and crew are also knocked out by a gas called CR-7 while the hijack takes place. The intention is to drop below the radar & divert to an island with an airstrip not used since WWII, however the plane is so low that the wing clips an oil rig & down it goes. The film has a stack of famous faces too.

Q:) How did you identify the uncredited / UnKnown Injured Male Passenger  as the actor Frank Pesce?

A:) Simply by eye, because he appeared in another episode and is credited for that as Frank Pesce when he played Brad Miller in The Deadly Circle. I googled frank to confirm by face that it is his face that matches his real name.

Note, the digital episode guide 2.0 and higher contains much more trivia and a much larger Q and A section, find the guide here.


Jan-Michael Vincent ... Stringfellow Hawke
Alex Cord ... Archangel Michael Coldsmith Briggs III (credit only)
Jean Bruce Scott ... Caitlin O'Shannessy
Ernest Borgnine ... Dominic Santini
John Calvin ... Hergos
Philip Abbott ... Edward Johnson
Ina Balin ... Ingrid Kendall
Alex Kubik ... Joskins
Lynn Herring ... Laurie
Summer Phoenix ... Little Girl
William Kirby Cullen ... Mark / Soccer #1
UnKnown ... Soccer #2
Anne Wyndham ... Stewardess
Dick Peabody ... Male Passenger (as Richard Peabody)
Deborah Richter ... Female Passenger (uncredited)
Rachel Brady ... Female Passenger (uncredited)
Lester Fletcher ... Dress Designer (as Lester C. Fletcher)
UnKnown ... Swimwear Model 1 (uncredited)
UnKnown ... Swimwear Model 2 (uncredited)
Kathleen O'Malley ... Mrs. Smith
Angus Duncan ... Tony Marks / Control Tower Supervisor
David McBride ... ATC Representative
Darwin Joston ... Airport Security Officer (uncredited)
Gary Epper ... Lead Hijacker (uncredited)
UnKnown ... Hijacker 2 (uncredited)
UnKnown ... Hijacker 3 (uncredited)
UnKnown ... Hijacker 4 (uncredited)
Louie Elias ... Andrews Air Flight #093 Pilot (uncredited)
Jeff Cadiente ... Andrews Flight 093 Co-Pilot (uncredited)
UnKnown ... Andrews Flight 093 Radio Operator (uncredited)
Vince Howard ... ATC Operator (uncredited)
UnKnown ... Bobby Male Flight Attendant (uncredited)
UnKnown ... Male Flight Attendant 2 (uncredited)
Frank Pesce .. Injured Male Passenger (uncredited)
Jack ... Tet (uncredited)


Written by:
Calvin Clements Jr.
Chester Krumholz

Directed by:
Bernard L. Kowalski

Produced by:
Donald P. Bellisario ... executive producer
Lester Wm. Berke ... producer
Calvin Clements Jr. ... supervising producer
Carol Gillson ... co-producer
Leon Ortiz-Gil ... associate producer
Mike Snyder ... associate producer (as Michael Snyder)

Music by:
Sylvester Levay

Cinematography by:
Stan Lazan ... director of photography

Film Editing by:
Bill Luciano

Art Direction by:
Gary A. Lee

Set Decoration by:
Gregory Garrison ... (as Greg Garrison)

Production Management:
Tom Blank ... unit production manager (as Thomas J. Blank)

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director:
Richard W. Abramitis ... second assistant director
Ryan Gordon ... first assistant director
J. David Jones ... second unit director (as David Jones)
James Lansbury ... second assistant director

Sound Department:
John K. Kean ... sound
Paul E. Miller ... utility sound
Michael D. Wilhoit ... sound editor

Special Effects by:
Frank L. Pope ... special effects foreman: pyrotechnics / special effects: pyrotechnics
Johnny Borgese ... special effects coordinator (uncredited)
Clarence Fay Konkel ... special effects technician (uncredited)

Visual Effects by:
Jim Michaels ... visual effects producer

Ron Stein ... stunt coordinator
Gary Epper ... Hergos stunt double (uncredited)

Camera and Electrical Department:
George W. Borthwick ... grip (uncredited)

Casting Department:
Joe Reich ... casting

Costume and Wardrobe Department:
Jerry Bono ... key costumer
John Casey ... costume supervisor
Barbara Lee Maccarone ... costume supervisor

Music Department:
Gene L. Gillette ... music editor
Jim Cox ... musician: keyboards (uncredited)
James Thatcher ... musician: french horn (uncredited)

Misc Crew:
Westbrook Claridge ... story editor
J. David Jones ... aerial coordinator (as David Jones)
Chester Krumholz ... executive story consultant
Alfonse Ruggiero ... story editor (as Alfonse M. Ruggiero Jr.)
Mike Dewey ... assistant aerial coordinator (uncredited)
Larry Kirsch ... stunt helicopter pilot (uncredited)


HELI - Bell 222 Airwolf Stage REG N9988K CN-47001
HELI - Bell 222 Airwolf Flying REG N3176S CN-47085
PLANE - Boeing 747-123 Airliner REG N9667


Produced by:
William Frye ... producer
Jennings Lang ... executive producer

Cinematography by:
Philip H. Lathrop ... director of photography (as Philip Lathrop)

Film Editing by:
Robert Watts
J. Terry Williams

Production Design by:
George C. Webb

Set Decoration by:
Mickey S. Michaels

Production Management:
Lloyd Anderson ... unit production manager
Don Roberts ... production manager: second unit
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Robert Graner ... assistant director
Bruce Hanson ... second second assistant director
Michael D. Moore ... second unit director
Wilbur Mosier ... assistant director
James Nasella ... assistant director

Art Department:
Susan Carsello ... property person
George Charles Kiapos ... carpenter
Daniel Turk ... carpenter (uncredited)

Sound Department:
Charles T. Knight ... sound
Robert Knudson ... sound
Roger Sword ... sound editor
James Troutman ... sound (as Jim Troutman)
George E. Marshall Jr. ... sound utility (uncredited)

Special Effects by:
Frank Brendel ... special effects

Visual Effects by:
Cleo E. Baker ... miniatures
Dennis Glouner ... matte photography
Bill Taylor ... matte photography
Albert Whitlock ... special visual effects
Henry Schoessler ... matte crew (uncredited)

Camera and Electrical Department:
Pat Campea Jr. ... underwater grip
Doug Mathias ... gaffer (second unit)
Rexford L. Metz ... photographer: second unit
Michael Simpson ... assistant camera
Lee J. Stone ... underwater electrician
Chris Strong ... electrician

Transportation Department:
Chris Haynes ... driver (uncredited)
Frank Khoury ... driver (uncredited)

Other Crew:
Betty A. Griffin ... script supervisor
Frank Wharton ... assistant to producer
Fred Zendar ... marine coordinator (as Manfred Zendar)


CBS Tv Guide Clipping


IMDB has 17 acting credits for this episode,  WIKI has 13,  and AIRWOLF dot TV (that so called airwolf bible)  Only had 13 credits..

ABOVE,  you'll note i have 35 acting credits for this episode, 26 of which i have Identified, I have Verified AND I have Credited. So.. Please don't assume i am just stealing information from other websites and just reproducing it here Or accuse me of it.., Frankly other websites are currently (and have always been for decades) an absolute embarrassment and a total let down !

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