Tuesday, 1 November 2005

6 Airwolf Electronic JigSaw Puzzles (PC) 2005

Airwolf JigSaw 01
 Does anyone remember these SIX fantastic free little games?

Each game was one exe file, you run it and get shown the preview image, then you try and build the jigsaw. The game saves your progress with a registry key so you don't have to restart when you open it.

To reset you can use the re-set option, or move the exe file to another location/folder.

All SIX Puzzels have been compiled into 1 download pack here
(be sure to download the actual file, don't click the adverts...)

And here are screen shots from the other 5...

Airwolf JigSaw 02
Airwolf JigSaw 03
Airwolf JigSaw 04
Airwolf JigSaw 05
Airwolf JigSaw 06

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