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20 Airwolf Audio Storys (1989-1990) German Language

20 German Airwolf Audio Storys:

None of these story's are new, all 20 are just audio book versions from 20 of the original Airwolf episodes.

None really, besides some of the boxes contain Promo Artwork for the Box Covers.

(c)1985-1986 Universal City Studios Inc

Cassette Tape Episode Listing:

Tape 01:  Pilot
Tape 02:  Where have all the Children Gone
Tape 03:  Crossover
Tape 04:  Airwolf II
Tape 05:  Annie Oakley
Tape 06:  Echoes from the Past
Tape 07:  Moffett's Ghost
Tape 08:  Bite of the Jackal
Tape 09:  Firestorm

Tape 10:  Sweet Britches
Tape 11:  Eagles
Tape 12:  Natural Born
Tape 13:  Mad over Miami
Tape 14:  Random Target
Tape 15:  To Snare a Wolf
Tape 16:  Once a Hero
Tape 17:  Discovery
Tape 18:  Break-In at Santa Paula
Tape 19:  The American Dream
Tape 20:  Day of Jeopardy

Box Art & Tape Examples:

Remember there are 20 tapes in this set, but they are all German vocal.
The episodes also had their own Intro theme music.

To my knowledge they didn't come with books like a "rainbow audio" read along style.

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