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Airwolf Duel Over The Pacific (Audio Story & Book)

Story Book Front

Duel Over The Pacific is one of two Airwolf based audio story books released by Rainbow Communications LTD.

The package consisted of a 25 page story book along with a Cassette Tape.  The concept was to listen to the tape while reading the book and a bell would ring to remind you to turn the page.

It doesn't contain any Airwolf music or cast from the series. Its a one man show sort of story with alternate vocal tones from one person reading.

The story opening comes across like the Pilot Episode "at first" but if you listen to it all.. It's a new story, which means its worth a listen and a read.  Its a shame it didn't have the original sound effects and music, but funny enough it has a cheep season 4 music flare, like you thought season 4 could be any cheaper lol.  When the theme tune kicks in it also has a feel of the CSI "The Who" opening style, so i guess Airwolf was still ahead of its time when it came to music use within 3rd party multimedia work outside the realms of the music industry.

Cassette Tape

Tape Side A
runs for approximately 
10 minuets and 22 seconds.

Tape Side B, 
runs for approximately  
9 minuets and 59 seconds.

One of the most interesting aspects is the fact "the bad guy" is someone who helped develop Airwolf and he worked along side moffet.... and more interestingly (although this is a 1985 production) he refers to working for "The Company" not "The Firm"  which makes an interesting thought to something i noted a few years ago on the org, long before i had heard this story.. but people didn't like the idea, so i never elaborated on it any further.  Kinda sad because if you use your imagination (rather than the official facts)  You can actually Bridge Season 3 with Season 4, and you can explain how the Firm and the Company became one and the same (but they weren't to start with) I just may write up how i think things went down one day, but back to the all important review and info...

The artwork is not as good as the 1986 Airwolf Annual, but for such a small budget production i think it worked pretty well. The book features a few of the rare publicity photos that would be thrown around the "Look-In" magazine and Tv Guides back then for show promotion, and also come with some hand drawn art specifically created for the story book.

They got the copywrite correct on this release but apparently the other book "the desert collection" reads
(Copyright 1985 Paramount Pictures Corporation and Amblin Entertainment, Inc)   lol

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Review by TheWraith517

We would love to review The Desert Collection, but we don't have it...

You can see an Unnoficial Trailer for Duel Over The Pacific  HERE
You can listen to the Cassette Side A HERE (features the audio & pages)
You can listen to the Cassette Side B HERE (features the audio & pages)