Friday, 24 August 2018

The F.B.I Table

This whole GFX render is fake. The table, the carpet, the chairs and all the contents on the table, all faked in photoshop.  Even the silver bits on the chairs are fake.  Every time i make something interesting or find something (airwolf related) i add it to the fake table.
At some stage i might make the photos smaller to cram more detail into it.
IMAGE LAST UPDATED 24th August 2018

1635 x 720
The idea of this is layer upon layer to build up many elements (all of which can still be edited)
In turn, a copy of it could be manipulated to create a spot the difference puzzle.

Its original origins was an A4 x2 (2 page) centre spread within a fan made graphic Airwolf / X-Files crossover comic (original here) and also (sequel here) both links point to facebook photo albums. The table depicts the information F.B.I agent Fox Mulder has gathered thus far on the airwolf project with the help of the lone gunmen.

In February 1987 the F.B.I received a UFO report from a former agent, Lorrie Grant. Due to questions relating to her mental state the report was simply filed and not followed up.  The incident report was later found to match a UFO report from 1984 where a fishing vessel reported the same sound flying over their fishing trawler on the night a U.S Naval destroyer sank. Further reports from residents in polk county texas from September 1984 also referenced an aircraft blowing over a pick-up truck and the same strange howling sounds in the air were heard....   As of NOV 1993.. Airwolf has been an active X-File.

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