Monday, 22 February 1982


For those who wish to TRANSLATE This Internal Memo.. Here it is in TEXT FORM

22nd February 1982

To Marella Bouvie

The assignment we discussed has the green light and the helicopter has now been procured. Upon its arrival at the designated NAWS, which is planned to be China Lake at 05:00 hours, you will be required to sign for the aircraft. Before doing so, you must confirm the aircraft serial number reads N3176S.

Your lead designer on this project will be Dr Charles Henry Moffet, he will be assisted by Dr Robert Winchester. Dr Winchester has requested to join the test pilot program but i have informed him that he is more crucial to this project on the ground and in the lab, please remind him of that if he asks again.

Your test pilot is a Vietnam veteran by the name of Stringfellow Hawke, he doesn’t really speak much, but be aware when he does he is rather cynical, but he means well. He is the first and only test pilot i considered for this project, but if he becomes a problem then keep me apprised of the situation.
Dr Moffet and yourself are not authorized to fly the helicopter at this time and under no circumstances is anyone else authorized to fly it. The flight data recorder must have a clear record upon activation and only hawkes flying style is to be imprinted upon the current data unit installed in the aircraft.

No use of live ordnance is permitted during the airworthiness test, however weighted dummy munitions will be on-site to assess the airframes stability & two launchable but none weaponized copperheads, to test missile launch feedback through the airframe.
Two commandos from the zebra squad will be on hand to help test the stability during these flight tests. Their job will involve hanging out either side and moving about inside to simulate combat scenarios.

A Professor Probert will be contacting you in relation to the armored aerodynamic panels, they are undergoing various testing at this time. He has confirmed receipt of your contact details and he will be in touch with you when they are ready for fitting.

The design team will expand as personnel security checks are validated, you are to only communicate with Larry Mason and Joe Klein from the research department in relation to security checks for this project.

Note, Dr Moffets file requires Alpha Bracket clearance, so all i can really tell you is he’s English.

Note, When you sign into the china lake facility, label the project box as BLACKWOLF.

I wish you the best of luck with this project and i look forward to your status updates as the project grows.

Yours Sincerely

Deputy Director

If You Wish To Wrap It In A Kinda File Folder Here is an A4 Front & Back

File Front Cover (A4)
File Back Cover (A4)

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